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  • harrymetsalIyforever harrymetsalIyforever Oct 2, 1999 12:20 PM Flag

    I agree. Parick whatever shut up!

    Who cares that PM won 10.5M from Pall. Pall has
    sued other companies and won much more than that.
    Things like this happen in business every day. Companies
    are always suing others. Lots of companies are suing
    Intel,Microsoft,Pfizer,Abbot and many others. Does it mean they are better
    than those companies? No. They just have a wide range
    of products and it is easier for a small company who
    focuses on a few major products to sue them. That is the
    case with PM. They have a small sales base that is
    currently not growing very fast. So they focus on suing
    Pall. Pall does not care. Pall has sales over a Billion
    dollars a year. That 10.5 Million is just a tax writeoff
    for Pall. Pall is the world leader in Filtration.
    That is a fact.

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    • At what point do the directors become concerned about their liabilities as relates to exercising of their fiduciary duty?

    • Market surges ahead - Pall continues to drop - No
      surprise! Unless there is a reshuffling and removal of the
      Senior Mangement team, Wall Street will have little
      confidence in the idiots that richly reward themselves for
      extreme incompetence.

      No organization (Corporate
      or Sports Team) would tolerate the continuing
      failure of those in charge. Only Pall accepts to put up
      with unfocused and unaggressive leaders. Pressure and
      remove Krasnoff & Company. Bring Pall back to
      prosperity! Begin the Executive Search for outside Managers
      now --- better late than never.

      This Company
      is a pure textbook example on how NOT to manage and
      an example of how to destroy a "good thing". Why
      can't the Board of directors learn --- when it's broke,
      fix it! When it's sick, get the right medicine to
      cure its ills!

    • Another fiscal yr ... Another disappointment yr
      ... Looking bcak the several yrs and I am glad that I
      have been out of this muddy investment sooner.
      PLL could achieve so much in the 80 and early 90's ?
      Well Technology innovations by Dr. Pall. Can Pll do it
      again ? The answer is Nop. Several simple reasons for
      you to think about.
      1) No R&D brains in this
      company, or messy management of R&D. The new chief R&D is
      a dreamer of his glorious yrs to follow Dr. Pall.
      Remember it's yr 2000 !!! Also, Good brainers keep leaving
      or looking for 'exits'.
      2) Eric and his team has
      never achieved their 'goals', or he never knows what he
      has said to the investment community. As I remember
      his days as he was senior mamagement, he was a good
      talker but never remembered what he has said yesterday.
      Constant changing minds and directions is sort of his as
      well as his management team style.
      3) A group of
      'kissers' that he picked during Krasnoff Sr. in charg and
      his past yrs surround and support him. As a manager,
      Eric has no trails of his dad Mr. Krasnoff Sr.
      Filters are comodity market, even Pll's golden egg -
      blood filters. PLL has to drop price to compete. As a
      fact it has been over 10 yrs and many players (US and
      Japanese companies) can sell similar even better blood
      product in a much cheaper prices.
      5) A demoralized
      working place. Pll last qt performance is based on
      'lay-off', not their sales out-performance. If Eric is going
      to keep his job he has to cut the company's pay roll
      again. But non-innovations kills this once great
      company. A non-competitive management is the problem to
      cause this company to ruin.

      It's time to have a
      new team, from outside would be the best. Until this
      happens, the investors will be the loser.

    • I cannot speak for the industry, but I have owned
      PLL for about fifteen years and the last five have
      been about as stagnant as a pool of water in a swamp.
      I also owned MIL at one time and got so frustrated
      with it that I sold it out only to watch it double in
      twelve months after I sold it. When I first bought this
      stock, there was some excitement associated with the
      company and the stock was a mover and shaker in the
      market. In the last five years, it has lost its way and
      whatever competitive fire the coporation had in its belly
      has long since gone out. I have been slowly exiting
      the stock and am still nostalgically hoping that
      something will happen which will put it back on track.

    • I saw messages 712 and 713...the gist of both of them was that Pall was laying off more good people and that that was the only way Pall's management knew how to run the company.

    • Were those the messages with the lay off rumors in them?

    • Hmm. Thats strange...have anyone noticed that there are two messages missing from this list (#712 and 713!) They were there yesterday! I wonder why!

    • While it is true that companies sue each other
      somewhat frequently in this business environment, it is
      usually regarding honest differences of opinion (such as
      patent infringement issues). In the case of Porous Media
      vs. Pall, Pall intentionally deceived a large portion
      of the market place with lies and tried to
      intentionally harm Porous Media. THAT IS NOT COMMON. It is
      unethical and unAmerican. I suppose you think politicians
      lies are OK also. What kind of society is this turning
      into. Porous Media is holding its competitor to the
      high business standards that it pretends to