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  • reachedeasystreet reachedeasystreet Dec 22, 2002 6:32 AM Flag

    New kid on the CRM block

    MicroSoft will be introducing new CRM software that will work well with the suite of other MicroSoft product. The good news is the cost of this software will be about $350. Good quality product at an affordable price.

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    • and exactly who in the world is making better desktop software than Microsoft in the last three years?

      Sometimes their earliest efforts aren't excellent but lately they have been damn good. Microsoft tweaked netscape with a better browser and Lotus with easier e-mail.

      I agree with parts of the monopolistic jargon. Together with great plains, navision, groove networks, and about anything else Microsoft wants to buy I think they can make pretty good software solutions for people. Latest benchmarks by Intel show Oracle only having minimal performance advantages on multiprocessor machines. Who is making a better desktop set, browser, spreadsheet, e-mail program, all integrated.

      Microsoft plays the same game SAP does which is integration and supportability of that integration.

      And SAP's innovations in browsers, spreadsheets, user interfaces, general database technology, etc. is very very little.

      40 billion and marketshare and a history of overcoming almost all targeted markets is coming your way.

    • Sounds like you want a good asskickin.

    • Where does the bud and harley fall in the evolution of redneck?

      A train is coming down the tracks and wake up because it is going to hit you.

    • Yo Jack@ss! Didn't you hear that inhaling aerosols is really dangerous!

      Let me ask you this Jack - do you really think a global organization with call centers and WWW sites throughout the world would use a $350 product for CRM (especially something from MS)? You're a jerk.

      ROCK ON!

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      • Actually I'd say the reality will be between the two extremes. No large corps wont buy MS CRM for large mission-critical deployments - yet.
        However, read the analyst comments and buzz around MS CRM and it is architected to scale very well indeed. Add to that the fact that MS does have a habit of winning. Hey, email is pretty mission critical and most large corps use MS for that.
        My guess is that it will become the standard for small co.s v soon displacing ACT and Maximizer. It will be significant and then dominant in mid market in 12-18 months displacing Pivotal and Onyx and living alongside ERP vendors' integrated offerings. It may never get dominant in large market, because SAP, PSFT, JDEC etc all have integrated CRM offerings. They will be a player here alongside an impoverished Siebel. The net is they will reduce the margins for all concerned - that's what MSFT does - by making CRM a commodity. Good for customers everywhere, bad for other SW vendors.

      • Have to agree with budnharley here. C'mon folks, this is like any decent company setting up a Yahoo Store for their online selling or like using Quickbooks to run their FI.

        back to basics, 8 of 10 fortune 1000's run SAP. 60% of SAP customers are on dated versions and WILL UPGRADE, their switching costs are too high and newer products from SAP make it ideal time to upgrade.

    • Yeah, It's called Great Plains Software, another original thought by Microsoft! It works about as good as Microsoft's other bastardize shady products, but why argue!

      Ancient Chinese proverb: Wise man does not argue with chimpanzee!

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      • Great Plains bundled Siebel with their mid-market ERP product. As brash as Microsoft can be, I doubt they just repackged Siebel and tried to sell it.

        It looks like MS is making a calculated move to see how its CRM software is received by mid-market companies who use Office products (as opposed to larger enterprise packages) for day-to-day transactions. The current MS CRM is not scaled to work as an enterprise app, but if you think MS doesn't covet the large enterprise market you're pretty naive. It'll be a few years at least before MS is challenging SAP, Siebel, PS, etc for large CRM implementations.

      • Hey Monkey, you obviously have not done any research on the new MSFT CRM product. It is not Greatplains; that is one of their accounting software packages.

        CRM is closely integrated to Outlook but focuses on Accounts, Contacts and Opportunties. It is still a v. 1.0 product, but for MSFT centric companies in the mid-market, it could definitely be a good fit. I don't see it distroying the CRM market yet, but this is one product that has a very good foundation and in one year will have best of breed functionality.

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