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  • skimeister73 skimeister73 Jan 23, 2003 4:32 PM Flag

    Microsoft CRM released to market

    <Great! Where can I sign up to be Microsoft�s first guinea pig, whoops I am sorry, I meant to say Beta site to test their shitty product? >

    It's only a matter of time. microsoft will get it right. ignoring this is like sticking your head in the sand. the market MSFT has targeted is where the bulk of business will come from in the next decade.

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    • Let's see, Microsoft has been producing their Office products for over 11 years, and they still do not have a 100% stable product, so why should I believe they are going to get this right? Please tell me why 90% of fortune 500 companies are still standardized on Windows 98? I am sure stability has nothing to do with it? The General public might eat Microsoft�s dog food, but corporate America will not buy into this crap.

      Even SAP is being force to pay the fiddler, Customers are no longer buying on faith, and we are now in a �Show Me World�. Why do you think SAP has been forced to come out with 3 new releases for their CRM product in less than 18 months? Customers are not buying unless you can show them that you can solve their specific needs, and your product performs the way you claim it will perform. I welcome Microsoft to the fray, because we will all find out how much Microsoft is prepared to stand and fight, and have their nose bloody up? If they do stand and fight, it will be great for everyone, because the business users will be rewarded with better products across the board.

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