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  • hehehehohehohoho hehehehohehohoho Jan 31, 2003 1:44 PM Flag

    Boycott this German POS company

    Hey dumb ass

    Ken Lay was doing all his dirty dealings when Clinton was president getting boffed by Monica.

    It was Clintonites that rescued Kenny boy once and it was Clintonites who tried to get Bush to rescue him again.

    Giving Tax breaks to those who PAY TAXES makes sense.

    It is not the goverments money to begin with and I'm sick and tired of paying for pathetic social programs that only serve to dumb down the population. You sound like a product of the "poor me" crowd.

    You want to Unify everything? Fine, go take a cold acid bath with Saddam. Suck in some of that fine Vx air and then stand up in front of him for his Unifying target practise.

    Saddam is such a nice person, you and your friends should all be his guests.


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