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  • alky_funny_car alky_funny_car Jan 30, 2003 8:28 AM Flag

    Boycott this German POS company

    Don't spend a dime on the German or French economies. If you care about the U.S., don't buy this company's products....


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    • Hey dumb ass

      Ken Lay was doing all his dirty dealings when Clinton was president getting boffed by Monica.

      It was Clintonites that rescued Kenny boy once and it was Clintonites who tried to get Bush to rescue him again.

      Giving Tax breaks to those who PAY TAXES makes sense.

      It is not the goverments money to begin with and I'm sick and tired of paying for pathetic social programs that only serve to dumb down the population. You sound like a product of the "poor me" crowd.

      You want to Unify everything? Fine, go take a cold acid bath with Saddam. Suck in some of that fine Vx air and then stand up in front of him for his Unifying target practise.

      Saddam is such a nice person, you and your friends should all be his guests.


    • You are an idiot.

    • My point is that the middle east countries governmnets (not the local population) are making huge profits by selling the oil.

    • How much brain do you have ???

      Yes, if we (Germans) don't have the same opinion as the Americans we shouldn't buy anymore Bill Gates Windows products and we shouldn't buy anymore Burgers from McDonald and we shoudn't drink any Coke !

      I hope you don't drive a BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi etc. otherwise you woud need to sell it

      Maybe it was very early when you wrote your e-mail. I hope you think about your statement just for one more second.

      Someone from Germany who lives in SF and supports Bush but not all 90Mil people in Germany have the same opinion as I do.

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      • Apparently, the German leader is weak and is being screwed left right and center by the Machiavelli Chirac who is trying to wield as much political clout as he can. I am proud that Bush gave Chirac a black eye over Sadam but it is too bad that Germany is in a sorrow state right now. Even the Prime Minister's brother is unemployed but then that is good for politics because Schroder is a socialist.

    • Bush's tax policies such as not taxing dividends could well serve as a source of inspiration to all other world leaders. business is business whether it is Euros or green backs. Forget the word "International" (used by Trotystes) because you are talking through your ass.

    • Brainless Idiot !

      So you are supporting the unjustified war declaration of Mr. Shit President. The UN clearly stated that no evidence was found yet.

      I am sure you shoot your mother if I say she
      is half arabic !

      What an idiot you are !

      The whole purpose of this war is oil control, and Mr. President wants to justify a self-service to Iraqs reservoir. If normal people want oil we have to queue up at a petrol station and bloody pay for it, who does he think he is !

      Petrol prices in Europe are around 2.20 per liter, maybe this gives you an laternative idea of reducing usage and increasing funds for enviromental projects.

      I don't go into further details as it seems you would not understand them anyway. Ever went to school ? Buy shares in EDSN and support the education of future generations

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