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  • erika1234us erika1234us Mar 13, 2003 4:04 PM Flag

    Phantom deals

    "Instead of rewarding these individuals, SAP should perform an internal audit and fire these individuals for cheating and stealing from Company! "

    The company knew exactly what was going on and supported it - it was internally rationalized as marketing."

    -Those deals were struck at the VP and higher level, so I don't think they would fire them anytime soon. In many cases a CRM AE would make one sales call on one of those phantom deals, and then get paid. Do you think if a VP offers to pay you on a 5 million dollar deal an AE would say "no thanks"? Also, a portion of all mySAP deals are allocated into the CRM revenue bucket.

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    • The "gag order" really only applies to the details of the settlement and this is a reasonable thing for either party to demand. Other stuff such as what's going on in the company is covered (or not) by existing agreement on Confidential Information or Libel law. So if the claims are not re C.I. and are truthful then the poster is safe. Even if they breach one of these then the company can only sue then for damages thus caused, and this seems v unlikely in practice. Therefore free speech seems pretty well protected. Don't lie and don't disclose important secrets (esp product or strategy related) and we'll prob all be okay.

    • "Your assumptions only show your arrogance--and ignorance. Is it possible that I was concerned for ERIKA? "

      No, it is not possible. Your anger speaks for itself and if you had an IQ, you would see the error of your (lack of) logic. You also appear to have some mysogenistic tendencies - or do you have a personal beef with Erika? The spelling play on Fiduciary was childish and showplaced your low IQ beautifully.

      Now go slap your fat gut back down on the couch and watch some basketball. Leave the discussions on corporate fiduciary responsiblity to the real men.

    • Just Guessing, Can't Dress Burch? One Trick Carol...for always wearing the same boots and white pants...not very flattering! I will say, unlike the other two, she is a very intelligent person, and knows what she is talking about 90% of the time. She just needs to enter the show �Make Over�!

    • I love how SAP employees have no compuction about posting to this board... how f'ing stupid / bitter do you have to be to expose internal information that could possibly harm your own company?

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      • Maybe because I'm NOT an SAP employee. This is information that many competitors know.

        Many hardworking AE's had to live off base salaries because they got shitty territories, so seeing people get paid on deals they didn't work pissed them off. This is how this kind of information is leaked out.

        Maybe SAP should restructure the comp plan so people are paid on what they put into the territory instead of being in the right place at the right time.

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