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  • orclwatcher orclwatcher Nov 12, 2004 10:43 AM Flag

    DOES SAP hire diversity?

    Is it just me or do there seem to be an abundance of white males in this company, even in locales like Philly and Atlanta where people of color and women are noticably absent from the sales force?

    Just a question, not an accusation.

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    • You will be amazed when you look at its Management in Asia Pacific Operation in Singapore. They are all male caucasians with only 1 female. Considering the expat packages, the cost is quite expensive. I cannot comment on the capability but I suggest you ask the field persons of SAP in different Asian countries. This is an interesting team as most of the IT giants will have Chinese, Indian, and other Asians to hold management positions at regional level. Don't forget the quantity of white expats who now being relocated to China due to its US$2B investment in China. I have serious doubt on the outcome in the long run.

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    • The head of sales for North America is a woman. The Board has one woman and seven men: one Swiss, two Danes, two Germans, an Indian, and an American. If you look at the global employee population, there is diversity galore. Thousands in China, India, many European countries, Brazil. Compared to a lot of US companies I'd say we were pretty strong in the diversity arena. Still room for improvement, but we are working on it! Seems like a few "untruths" are being planted here. I wonder why?

    • You sound like a dirty lawyer trying to stir up trouble.

    • No wonder the stock is doing so well. No ebonics or Islam spoken at SAP? The Bavarians are smart.

    • As to "US Govt" accounts - those only require reportint of overall employee numbers. SAP is happy to employ minoritie in the jobs of secretaries, janitors, and other low level jobs. I am asking if SAP has a "lot" of female, black or other minotirty sales and management personnel - considering their main offices are in Atlanta, Philly and NYC?

      As for over 50 - rumor has it that one "over 50 gentlmenan was laid off last year and might have pressed the question to the tuneof $1M - but that is an unconfirmed rumor - ask his sales manager - SS in the SE?

    • Yes. Two kinds. Germans and those that would have been included in Hitler's Army if he had conquered the world. You could probably count on both hands the number of African Americans at SAP America. Out of those only one is in a position to make decisions as Director of Sales in the Southeast. It's pathetic. Old and archaic practices...just like their software.

    • Forcing a company to hire diversity a form of racism; pure and simple. The problem is not the hiring of diversity but the education system. Fix that and I am sure that you will have equal representation in the ranks of the corporation.

      "now...can't we all just get along"

      Love Rodney

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      • Hi Rodney -
        I appreciate your sympathy but I am caucasian. I do not believe in "forced" diversity. However, there does not appear to a valid reason why so few women and minorities are in the ranks of SAP.

        Using "the system" as an excuse is ridiculous. The fact is that if less than 5% of your sales force is female, there is likely an issue at the top of the orgnization. If you have offices in Atlanta and Philly with zero African Americans, there is likely a link to the top of your organization.

        I just asked if anyone felt this was the case at SAP. The Education system is not to blame when one organization does not examine its hiring practices or the hiring practices of its management team.

    • So what are the numbers?
      What percent of SAP's salesforce is female / minority?
      What percent of SAP's management?
      what percent of the consulting management team?

      I'm glad to hear the leadership in consulting is hiring / promoting females but this is a Fortune 100 company in largely diverse big markets - is it reflected in the company or not?

    • does_it_hurt_when_i_do_this does_it_hurt_when_i_do_this Nov 12, 2004 4:05 PM Flag

      I'd have to agree with you when it comes to the sales force. Mostly white males between the ages of 27 and 40. However, when it comes to development and consulting, I think you see a lot more diversity.

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