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  • mysapnet mysapnet Nov 15, 2004 11:17 AM Flag

    DOES SAP hire diversity?

    "However, when it comes to development and consulting, I think you see a lot more diversity. "

    That just means they hire cheap labor when it suits them, not that they hire diversity.

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    • does_it_hurt_when_i_do_this does_it_hurt_when_i_do_this Nov 15, 2004 1:13 PM Flag

      <That just means they hire cheap labor when it suits them, not that they hire diversity.>

      Let me get this straight: if SAP doesn't hire minorities then they get slammed for discrimination. But if they do hire minorities, then they get slammed for going after cheap labor. How is SAP different from any other company in this scenario? How should they do things differently?

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      • You are right, that came across as harsh.

        I guess I find it strange that they are comfortable hiring minorities in positions that are not customer facing. In sales and sales management, it is a white male domain. These are generally the highest paying and most prestigious jobs.

        With offshoring, development has gotten very competitive and salaries have eroded. If a company with large offices in NY, Atlanta and Philly don't have women and minorities in positions of prestige and power - it usually points to a problem. It would be different if you were in Arkansas, but Atlanta, Philly and NY have a plethora of diverse talent to select from.

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