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  • momofanijoanu momofanijoanu Dec 1, 2005 2:15 PM Flag

    Working at SAP NetWeaver is US?

    How is it like working in SAP's NetWeaver division in the US? What is the work culture? Is it very competitive, political, or collegial?


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    • Yes, that's the problem. If Agassi is trying to transform the company from an Applications Company to an Apps and Tech company with NetWeaver that's fine. It has precedence, as that's what Oracle is.

      Oracle had a tough time when they delivered their first Applications product so we should expect the same from SAP on their first technology product. Where I get concerned is when I see virtually no sales on the "technology" they have bet the company on. Even Oracle had sales of their New Apps product right out of the gate when it was released. Modest to be sure, but it was selling and was not simply thrown in with a database upgrade to rot on the shelf.

      SAP needs to break out their Tech numbers and show us the return they are getting on this multi billion dollar investment they have made. After all, it's the investors money they are throwing around not their own.

    • it depends on which area: Sales, Pre-Sales, Consulting, Marketing, Development. The Sales and Consulting are under the North America Sales organization and are very driven and results oriented. The Marketing and Development are under Shai Agassi, who's one of the most charismatic and brilliant guys in the industry. Both sides work well together and Netweaver is getting a whole lot of traction in the SAP customer base.

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      • Thank you so much for the information. Your answer is encouraging as I may join the NetWeaver product development group. One last followup question: Is the work atmosphere very competitive or collaborative? Is it everyone out for themselves and hence playing politics (one extreme) or no time for anyone else or we are all in it together trying to do the best thing for the company. It sounds like the culture is not one in which 'death by consensus' will occur and no progress is made.
        If you could give me a sense of where in this scale they fall I would appreciate it.

      • "Netweaver is getting a whole lot of traction in the SAP customer base. "

        . . . this bothers me. Has the technology ever been sold outside the install base? In fact, has any company (install base or not) ever purchased NetWeaver alone, not in the prepackaged bundle with the apps?

        If not, then what is the value of a product that cannot be sold? How much money are they going to spend developing a product that cannot be sold on its own?

        This is a problem.

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