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  • dia1eight dia1eight Mar 9, 2006 8:49 AM Flag

    SAP employees

    How is the employee atmosphere at SAP? For example, how do they rate with pay, benefits, and upper managment?

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    • Yeah, some firms take a huge chunk! I do a small amount of staffing and take a flat amount off the top - and let the consultants know how much it is. After 3 months, I take less (in effect giving the consultants a raise). If I've worked with you before, you start out at the highest rate. I also don't have sales people, managers, VP's or anything else taking a bite of the pie. I work for my money, the same as everyone else.

      I've found that the thing that makes consultants the most angry is when they find out how much they are being billed for versus how much they get. It never fails! Of course, there's not much else to be angry about - there are no benefits except those you pay for :)

      One suggestion - when the contract runs out and they want to extend you, ask for more. Most implementation contracts are for a shorter duration than the actual project. You won't likely get a huge raise, maybe $10/hr at the most but at least its something!

      With your skills, I think you could find work pretty quickly. CRM is hot, and CRM service is very hot!

    • At the end of the day most consultants spend as they each his or her own I say.

      I have been doing SAP for about 10 years with 5 of those as a contractor. I have focused on APO for the last 6 years and currently pull in around $130 an hour + expenses. I enjoy my money but really my lifestyle has not changed too much in the last 10 years except I travel more. However, this is normally into the 3rd world, months at a time so it is still cheaper than 2 weeks in Europe. I am not married and do not have kids but I have a girlfriend. We have a healthy relationship.

      I fly out Monday morning and return at a decent time on Thursday evening. I like SAP and APO and enjoy the challenge. I have manage to squirrel away around $800K and hope to have a cool million at least by the time I get out. This is a lot for the Midwest. I am only 34 years old but I feel this is a good start. I am not the smartest person in the world academically but I am street smart and have learned a lot by watching other people and the mistakes the make.

      I find the corporate world tolerable as an independent contractor but have only one found one company that I would consider working for out of the 10 I have implemented SAP. When I get out of consulting I hope to be out of the rat race for good. Most people can't because of the debt and spending patterns.

      I feel that was raised differently (compared to today�s kids getting $50 a week allowances � not so bright, mom and dad!!) and thank my parents for teaching me about responsible financial planning and hard work. I only wish more people in this country understood this because living simply really makes a huge difference in the quality of life.

      Oh and by the way, I too worked for SAP and enjoyed my time there. This was over 5 years ago and in a different country so is was a great expereience also because of this. I have nothing bad to say about them but perhaps things have changed?

      All the best

    • So I guess I would give a shout out here. I have eight years of deep experience in SD, MM, SM, and one year of experience in CRM Sales and Service. I am open for contract work. I did some remote contracting work, made 100 USD/hour. It was good while it lasted. But I also found that I was contracted at 190 USD/hr. Is that usual? I believe the recruiter balked when I asked for a bigger size of the pie.

    • Current rates are running from $100-$125/hr plus expenses depending on area of specialty and experience. Local/remote gigs can go a bit lower.

      Partners also tend to pay pretty well if you have some good experience. Don't be afraid to ask for the $$!! There are a lot of partners out there, and they are all looking for help!

      One good thing about SAP - they will let their consultants sit on the bench forever! Partners aren't usually this nice... Then again, you don't get a bonus for sitting at home watching soaps!

    • Most of your replies seem to be from the US. I would love to say that Europe and A/NZ is diffrent ..... unfortunarley in my experience it is not. SAP is moving from one the most respected to one of the least respected IT employers double quick time... but some senior execs are getting rich in the process!

    • The company is doing great, reporting record profits last year and increasing their margin.

      This is not reflected in paychecks, raises or bonuses for the non-executives. I can't speak to the sales side, but top consultants and support people are leaving or very unhappy. Health care costs have increased every year (they were free a few years ago!) and they recently got rid of the discount stock purchase plan. They are increasing profits and margins by sucking it out of the employees.

      The company is good to work at for a few years, but frustration will build as the executives get richer while the rank-and-file get the shaft.

      My suggestion? Go for a few years to get experience, then move on to a partner. If you are experienced, just go to a partner where they understand the value of revenue-generating employees.

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