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  • tvvinod tvvinod Nov 10, 2006 7:58 AM Flag

    SAP trainning and customer relationship Management

    Hi A few of us joined/enrolled for SAP CRM (mySAP CRM) Trainning and Certification, paying the whole amount at Siemens SAP (Authoroized by SAP) . Start date of Course is Nov-08-2006. Today the Nov-10-2006 Friday after 3 days of trainning with mySAP crm 2005 material and access to only mySAP crm 4.0. Servers/software. On raising the issue of not getting the server for CRM 5.0 . The students were told that CRM 5.0 servers are not available upto Jan 2007 . Then comes the certification part. Now we are told that for certification in C_CR_410, we need Certification in C-CR10_50 and additional certification in C_CR300_50....... All the students feel thatthey have been dupedd and misled, cheated, ,,, by SAP India nd Siemens their Authorized trainning center..... So much for CRM customer Relationship trainning and the practice of CRM by the very coporates conducting the CRM and selling the CRM products

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    • I strongly agree with you. It happens to me also. I have applied for certification for CR600. The agreed and paid certification amount also. Now they are saying i have to get certification in CR10_50 first then i have to write for CR600_50. Really bad, didn't expect from SAP India.

    • Sounds to me as if your issue is with Siemens not SAP. I took the CRM 5.0 course through SAP (Not Siemens) directly. It was fine.

      If I take a NETg course on Oracle Financials, and I dislike it, I dont blame Oracle. I blame NETg.

      (This happened to me).

    • cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou Nov 16, 2006 4:38 AM Flag

      I don't know what is more sad: ignorance masquerading as knowledge (eg, not understanding that fraud is both a tort and a crime), the shallowness of the interneter (eg, thinking that wikipedia is the ultimate word in any discussion), or the sheer waste of an uneducated mind, which cannot maintain a single strand in an argument.

      Wait, I know what is the saddest: The utter lack of sensitivity to realize that you are owned, baby, in combination with the inane nuisance of a yapping puppy.

      You, of course, do not have the grace or sense of shame to simply walk away. You will prove this by responding to this posting.

    • cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou Nov 15, 2006 5:30 AM Flag

      Yes, I agree, I lose when I stoop to engage in an internet discussion. It is beneath me, and it demeans all of us here No matter the opponent can't make a point, changes position constantly, confuses simple concepts, and makes up terms. No matter if his butt is owned, baby. It brings us all down a notch, and humanity is not the better for it.

    • cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou Nov 14, 2006 7:38 AM Flag


      It makes you owned, baby.

    • cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou Nov 11, 2006 6:28 AM Flag

      Fraud is a crime, so public accusations of such better be right on, or don't be surprised if you are subject to a lawsuit for slander, unless you can prove your allegation. For example:

      Show where you were promised that you would be able to receive the results you expected.
      Show that the service provider failed to deliver the results it promised you.
      Show that you yourself paid for the course, and were not offered an adjustment if service provided was different than expected.
      Show that Siemens, which you apparently have an issue with, is the same company as the company you are accusing, SAP.

      Once cooled down, a suggestion is that beyond technical certification, taking some coursework in English composition would help more than you can know, from a career perspective.

      • 3 Replies to cantliveiflivingiswithoutyou
      • Great and thanks, thought no one would pay attention.

        To prove that the services was offered to the people to be trained on msSAP CRM 5.0, there are emails of communication stating that they are no longer offering trainning on version 4.0 as per the directives of SAP and other material evidence.

        I guess you guys are pro SAP so you did some selective reading and choose to ignore what I wrote and the fact that the Reading material sent to Siemens -Hydrabad from SAP Bangalore one day before the actual start date of the course was for ver 5.0.
        The SAP authorized trainner was told to teach us on ver 5.0
        and when asked about not been given ver 5.0 servers to practice on and why the students are made to work on 4.0 servers, was told that they were going to get the ver 5.0 server log-ons soon.

        After 3 days of working, the students are told by a SAP representative, employee of SAP bangalore one Reshmi Gangama, who came on Friday, who the students were told was in turn just relaying the information from her boss the head of SAP training in India, a Maggie Ramaiah, that ver 5.0 servers will not be avaiable upto Jan 2007 as they are applying patches, (note the word applying).
        Good god, I am not sure if a huge company like SAP would take more than two months to apply patches on their tranning servers.
        And the directive and communications to the students about the trainning on ver 5.0 started well over a month. And now to be told after they paid the fees and made arrangements to attend the course (many even quite their jobs to join the full time course).

        Well if that does not constitute a major scam of a FRAUD by a company trying to sell a CRM (customer Relationship Management) product and services. But maintaining low customer service ethics, I am not sure what is.
        Like someone said, it feels like the Devil trying to sell the bible.

        What i put in here is just about the tip of the ice berg, there are more facts pointing to the sloopy and shady way the whole affair has been conducted.

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