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  • knockinknees knockinknees Nov 16, 1999 1:14 PM Flag

    Future of SAP

    Industry is seeing huge amounts of layoffs in the SAP consulting area. Ernst&Young and Deloitte are canning people in droves. I hope this is not doom fpr SAP.

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    • are they tied together?


    • you're posting on the wrong board again, you annoying little f.

    • The way I see it, the past has been a gold mine
      for the likes of the Big 5, and their implementations
      at Fortune 50 companies. These projects typically
      have large consulting staffs and large reengineering
      efforts involved.

      While there is still demand
      within these companies, the much larger market is within
      small and mid-size companies, which cannot sustain the
      type of project the Big 5 like to

      These projects will require a much different approach
      and more activities assigned to a smaller team of
      consultants. These consultants must have a stronger, more
      diverse skill set to be effective on these projects.

      Also, small and mid-size companies will be utilizing
      pre-configured solutions and ASP's to deliver them, often
      cutting out the need for Big 5 type implementations.

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      • Across04,

        I also think the "boutique"
        consulting shops catering to mid-market and small-market
        clients will be the real survivors. I would also add that
        those consulting shops willing to work under
        "Fixed-cost" and "Phased billing" contracts will also thrive.

        I am not familiar with SAP products, but I am an
        Oracle IT/end-user for a small Oracle shop. We only work
        with Oracle consulting firms willing to give us
        "fixed-bid" and "phased billing". Using Big 5...forget it.

        Also, are there small shops utilizing SAP? I am aware
        of some large manufacturing companies locally that
        use SAP. However, I'm not aware of any small to mid
        size companies. At any rate, the perception here is
        that only large companies can afford to purchase and
        support SAP. I'm not sure if this is an invalid
        perception, but I do know that locally, there are many
        companies using Oracle Applications...from small shops like
        mine to large Fortune 100 companies.


      • I agree with Across04's assessment of future ERP
        projects. The next generation ERP will be
        "point-solutions". Those ERP vendors who can de-couple their
        products and sell "by the piece" will be the survivors.
        All companies are getting ERP smart. Instead of
        spending 100's of millions in full-scale ERP, they want to
        see return on 5-10 million $ point-solutions. Just my

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