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  • for my retirement accounts (1000 shares for my 401k and 300 for my Roth IRA).

    I don't particulary care for the TV financial shows, but on the "Cavuto On Business" they stated that
    "you'd be retiring with if you'd sat on a 100 shares of each of these stocks for the last 30 years: (since 1975) Wal-Mart (WMT), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Altria (MO) now total: $3.3 Million. (Original Investment: $13,838).......
    $3.3 million on an investment of less than $14,000. So what stocks should you buy now to help you retire rich?"

    Three different panelists on the show came up with Ebay (EBAY), Citigroup (C), and China Mobile (CHL) as the 3 new stocks. I don't think CHL is too bad a pick for a return like that, but the other two, C and EBAY, in my opinion stink. And it also struck me that the 3 companies that were given as an example, (WMT, JNJ, MO), seemed to be consumer driven stocks.

    After watching that show, I got this weeks Barrons, and I read the little advertising blurp regarding American Dairy's increased earnings. I went to the web site, read and watched what I could, and liked what I saw. And I thought, this is a better pick for someone to hold for 30 years for retirement, rather than EBAY, C, or even CHL.
    This isn't an export driven Chinese company, but a company driven by the Chinese consumer. Hopefully, both the minimum wage and the yuan get revalued higher in the coming years, giving Chinese citizens much deserved raises for all the incredible work they are doing. If this holds true, and dairy consumption in China rises along with real wages, this should be an excellent long term stock pick.

    But then it could also be just one big scam. Either way, it's all good. (I know I am probably missing something obvious, but I don't understand the company's name, as in why a Chinese dairy company is called "American Dairy").