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  • mc2k mc2k Sep 28, 2001 4:25 PM Flag

    MF managers

    If you don't like RFMD, sell and and leave. All I am saying is that you are wasting your time persuading people to sell on this people. They can't be the power behind the price move. You'd better go to a park, watch a movie or do anything you enjoy doing. Money is NOT everything. By the way, did you short RFMD? That could explain why you are so desperate.

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    • 14 times earnings, insiders selling, trw dumping like its going out of style,has a gap to fill at 11 why own the company, oh because ceo said we will breakeven this quarter wow good reason to own. this stock is finished no more legs keep buying the insiders shares, when is the public ever going to learn

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      • All old news!
        New News:
        27% increase last quarter
        30% increase stated for this quarter.
        RFMD hiring.
        The future looking good.

      • "Commenting on RF Micro Devices reaffirmed estimates Thursday, Merrill said the company's projection of $102 million in revenue for the third quarter of 2002 was better than expected.
        Merrill also said its checks show RF Micro has solid order rates from leading customers such as Nokia, Siemens and Samsung. Merrill said orders should be increasing as cell phone inventories remain at dangerously low levels.
        "We believe RFMD has many opportunities for continued upside in 2001 and 2002," Merrill said in a research note"

    • Well, you're definitely new here. As I said yesterday, I covered in the mid 14's. This is what I do for a living, and it's also my second favorite hobby, right behind tuna fishing. Now, What's your excuse?

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      • How do you figure I am new? I might have read your previous messages, but I would not remember it. People are busy minding their own business. Who will care when you sold short and when you covered? You are so naive, like a little boy. Based on your characters and what you said, you can't be a winner in the stock market. Honestly, how much money did you lose since the market top? Do you want some fatherly advice from me, a big winner in the equity market. Stop doing stupid things like asking people to buy or sell on the message board. You look so silly, you know.