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  • consj90 consj90 Jun 21, 2002 3:33 PM Flag

    B of A Downgrade....HAHA

    That is so worthless...This company just a few months ago gave cien a, ready for this, a STRONG BUY....WTF are these people morons or what. That was at $10...its not at $6...Typical situation of do the opposite of these knuckleheads.

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    • Actually after the B of A Strong Buy a few months back it went from 15 to 20.

      This downgrade is probably at least 2 weeks old. Do you really think these guys give out their proprietary paid for analysis to the street before their rich customers?

      This downgrade is probably one of the reasons why they dropped from 10 to 6.5. If it keeps on sliding you can bet that it is because there is more bad news to follow. Keep your eyes peeled.