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  • gwbush_markofthebeast gwbush_markofthebeast Jan 28, 2003 11:03 PM Flag

    asian mkts didnt like the speech

    doubt wall street will either
    Bush== no real domestic or foreign policy besides Iraq and N Korea
    get ready for major recession unload equities on any strength, January will be red month and it sure seems like 2002 all over again

    RFMD @2-3 is a buy

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    • Unlike you and the rest of the moneymongers in the country, some of us including the President do not let our morals and principles to be dictated by our wallet. That is the major problem with this country and the reason we got that communist Bill Clinton for a President. "It's the economy stupid."
      It is high time we realized there is something more important in this country than the fat, sickening greed we are so easily consumed by.

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      • Was just thinking today about all of the GW bashers on this board recently and realizing the only reason they're pissed is because the market's not going up. They could care less about morals and the long term stability of our nation and our well-being. They just want a quick buck and hate GW for being a man of unwavering principle.

        As far as my opinion of market reaction: could go both ways - tank tomorrow because that sure sounded like a "blow the horn, we're going to war, boys" speech. Or could move up slowly and warily under the assumption that this country's leaders really do have reasons why they make these decisions. And once the first phase of the war is done, up, up we go!!

        It's nice to have someone in office who knows what the real world of management and leadership is like rather than political "lifers" like loser Daschle-hound.

        later. RF rocks

      • gwbush_markofthebeast gwbush_markofthebeast Jan 28, 2003 11:12 PM Flag

        can you say Harken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!