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  • pastocksuccess2000 pastocksuccess2000 Jul 20, 2004 6:31 PM Flag

    I'm holding RFMD stock for long haul!

    I was a little disappointed with the 3rd consecutive crummy earnings report by RFMD! I thought this would be a blowaway quarter and it was not! This stock has done more than test my patience it has cost me several thousands of dollars. I believe in RFMD and believe the brunt of the storm is behind us! Time will tell here!

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    • I don't understand what is up with these guys at RFMD....They say that the next Q looks good and TXN says that it will slow down...
      Is the management out to lunch or what? It has been down graded by everyone in the last 2 weeks so you had to know it wasn't going to meet it's marks. I too have lost thousands on this stupid stock...I am so out of touch with this whole market now, I don't know what to think. I beleive that all the other stocks that came out with good earning after hour are keeping the price up. But if the market has a down day tomorrow look out this thing will sell off big it always does...I know I have been watching this stock for 6 months everyday and it is all down...

    • 90 days to go for real this time. Q3 will be better than guidance and Q4 is almost a certain lock to be strong. We will finally get a double positive.

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      • Not so fast ...Don't you remember last December was suppose to be all good to...But someone forgot to tell us about the slow down in January and when they came out with earning everything was good until they talk about the slow season... The stock droped 3.50 the next day....Which bring to believe that we really only have 1 good Q with this stock

    • i hear u and i am extremely disappointed too with the top line and somewhat less with the bottom line but the fact is that even with this 0.06 cents the trailing eps is now 0.25 cents if you take away last june when they did zippo but with all the analists using a pe of 25 these days this stock is fairly valued at $6.25 in this climate

      if they do 0.07 cents again next qtr then the trailing pe will still be 0.25 cents and they would have to do a 0.13 cent minimum dec qtr just to keep it that way

      and u better hope for a 0.20 cent dec qtr or this stock ain't seeing double digits in 2004 as the next years eps will not hit 0.30 cents

      the right way to play this stock is to dump above $6.50 and buy back below $6 and try to increase shares until the much promised dec qtr

      with upside limited to (PE = 30) $6.75 and downside to (PE = 20) $5.00 for the next 3-6 months this stock is dead money unless the market momentum changes or valuation multiples expand suddenly which is highly unlikely over the next qtr or so

      i still like its long-term prospects but the rosy future never arrives fast enough or it turns pale on arrival what the fuck is that all about

      its a crap shoot waiting for the next up cycle and this pos could take years if it cant increase sales 20% qtr over qtr going forward

      somethings got to be done about management i dont buy their crap anymore think about it they stood there and said since the market will be flat we will be flat but our wcdma will double and exceed our tdma business and our cdma market share will increase and our bluetooth will double and our wlan fuck up is sorted out and by the way GSM was flat and we have lost no market share what

      how can they guide for a flat qtr if everything is flat but Polaris-1/2 will ship more than 1 million combined and bluetooth will double and wcdma will doouble and GSM (bulk of revenue 113M) will be flat and wont decrease
      i dont get it someone teach these assholes how to guide better to me flat means nothing increases or if something increases something else gives they said nothing will give and the main source will be flat and some stuff will increase so how can you call the whole qtr flat bheats me and i am tired playing this game

      guide and deliver but dont fuck around

    • How could you believe that this would be a blow out quarter with how the stock has performed. The fact is that the sell off was overdone, we will be 8.5 within 3 months.

      USA, USA

      start being positive, you iraq kissing pussies