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  • winstonwendyyellow winstonwendyyellow Jul 19, 2007 10:33 AM Flag

    How can we lose...


    How can we lose when we have RFMD Management so enthused about the prospects of their so-called Company? Jerry got so excited that he used the RFMD ATM again:

    07/16/2007 JERRY D NEAL
    EVP-Marketing & Strategic Development 5,000 RFMD Exercise of Stock Options
    at cost of $8,500.00

    07/16/2007 JERRY D NEAL
    EVP-Marketing & Strategic Development 5,000 RFMD Open Market Sale
    proceeds of $31,900.00

    Although almost completely owned by Institutions ~ many Analysts give RFMD an "F" for ownership and they watch the insider selling and buy very closely. It is a clue for me and you..!

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    • Anne: "...a name change might expedite its resurrection..."

      LOL! Maybe...but the name does have a certain.....errr...cache. Even though I can recall a time when it was basically a war zone with few visitors to its shore, whatwith a decaying conference center (I think) on the beach along with an old style merry-go-round being about the only attractions. That and the Stone Pony. Anyway, it IS changing....though some would say greed and corruption continue apace, to which I say...welcome to the Jersey Shore (I'm just a bit cynical about NJ State/local politics).

      Anyway....I'm mulling over adding to my RFMD holdings as a swing trade if'n I can get some at (or around) todays lows. Didn't bite the first time it hit there as I was away from my terminal at the time.


      American Citizen

    • Anne: If you don't mind me injecting myself into the conversation, Asbury Park is finally starting to come back, from what I've seen of the development along that portion shore. Not sure it'll take another lifetime to turn around. I've had a couple of properties in Bradley Beach and Avon for the better part of 20 years. Nice areas if'n you ask me. A great respite from my home turf of downtown Jersey City. ;-)

      As for RFMD.....well...I took a long position on the last dip to the $6.15 area and am looking for great things out of them over the ensuing months. Let's see how it plays out.

      American Citizen

    • Notice that recent inside selling was of options. In otherwards, when the options were availble to be sold, they sold.
      Means noting, zip, zero, nada....
      If you were given options at less the $2, you would sell asap also!!

      Keep your eyes on the earnings Tuesday!!

      Btw, this morning Gap Up has been filled, so less downward preasure on stock as it has now resumed it's thursday climb.

      Should close pretty good today, with no Gaps.

      Only Gaps are ABOVE, meaning price must rise to close Gap around $7.25