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  • marinerivey marinerivey Dec 28, 2007 7:47 PM Flag

    Another banner year for RFMD I see

    Haven't checked RFMD in awhile. I see it's really making headlines. I'll bet any shareholder a bronzed dog turd that at the end of 2008 it is within $1 of the current price.
    OK, I've had too many eggnog and rums. If I owned this stock I would be sure to have several more right away.

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    • You're being too kind. The current stock price is the same as it was 9 years ago. This means an investor who has been accumulating this stock in their portfolio has ended up with a bad investment. I guess this means you really couldn't call that person an investor; a fool would be a more appropriate description. Rank and file employees avoid buying their own company's stock like the plague. RFMD management who obtain this stock in the form of options for free or next to nothing have sold millions of shares of RFMD stock in the past nine years. To keep the charade going management is always touting the "next big thing" for the comapany. Not that products like Polaris haven't been a success, but it is wise to remember calling a product sucessful is a relative description. Customers like Polaris because it is low cost. As for people who own RFMD stock, take solace in the fact that you are providing thousands of jobs and have made Priddy, Bruggeworth, etc. very, very rich.

    • ROFLMAO......I used to feel your pain...I unloaded this stock last year, and of course, at a loss...why? Because I'll be dead and buried before this stock ever gets to the 20's.