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  • winstonwendyyellow winstonwendyyellow Jan 24, 2008 2:04 PM Flag

    Have you ever noticed...?


    Have you ever noticed that when 10M to 20M shares trade hands ~ the share price hardly moves? In this last year, this phenomenon has happened many times with RFMD. Something balances all trades ~ and I think it could be Mazama's computer that does it...for what reason I don't know...!

    RFMD a Buy for longterm...!

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    • Winston, I'm trying to have hope and be patient, but frankly, this stock stinks. Can't move up at all. When the rest of the market just sits there. Crappy, crappy stock.

    • I think that is institutional transfers. Not sure how off-market transfers show up, but that would explain it.

      These are prearranged transfers, a way for institutions to shoft their portfolios without operating on the open market. It's become quite common, with institutions set up just to handle these transfers.

      I think the 100M that was referred to is the same thing. Below $5 there would be many institutions who would want, or not want, the stock.

      These penny stocks slowly shift into the hands of retail...