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  • drwimax drwimax Dec 5, 2009 8:58 PM Flag

    Longs Are Sick & Tired of All These Form 4 Filings

    If RFMD's stock price gets derailed next week because of the wave of insider selling, we need to stand up to management. These assholes only care about themselves and couldn't give a rat's ass about shareholders.

    This could be the start of a bigger wave next week with more insider selling.

    Rick, your worst nightmare came true!

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    • I have adjusted to greed and gluttony of executives and see it as human nature, this era's businessmen just having a few different wrinkles from the businessmen of other eras.

      But I haven't been able to accept the Boards of these companies not putting shareholders first to keep executive compensation strictly aligned with shareholder value.

      That is a component missing at Rfmd. The Board caves in to the executive compensation pressure from peer companies, and downshifts the reward requirements to make the compensation easier to attain. This action is not in direct alignment with the shareholder experience. The executive gets paid anyway and fills the coffer with even more low-priced shares while the shareholding long suffers a different set of emotions.

      Something has been lost the last twenty years.
      Where have you gone, Jack Bogle?

    • LOL ! One more thing here, it appears that this is a part of these folks compensation and is expected to occur. Look back in May '09 when stock options were granted in multiples of what has been recently sold ( one more reason not to fret ). Remember most stock options have exercise dates precluding an insider from selling before a certain date and any combination of conditions could apply. It seems insiders control over 16 million shares and less than 2% of this insider held stock has been sold this year!
      Ever cry wolf? Seems that whats you're doing here! LOL !

    • Insider selling! No big deal, none of these trades appears to be extraoridinary. Call the company, they are usually forthcoming when a sale is questionable. I have seen an insider sell millions worth of a stock, to BUY A NICE BEACH home somewhere. The stock he sold was a uneventful fraction of what he owned! Of the 5 sales since AUGUST, 3 sales where made at a lower price than Fridays closing price. This recent sale of 100k shares! So what! A half a million bucks! Maybe the guy is paying for heart surgery for his Dad, then buying a home and then paying for his kids college! I don't know but nothing strikes me as out of the ordinary here.