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  • tme3_99 tme3_99 Feb 18, 2010 6:39 PM Flag

    Feds just tanked the markets for tomorrrows opening!

    Sell off across the board at the open tomorrow! Thankyou our beloved FEDS!Futures sre tanking!

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    • Over reaction to a wrong message. Some investors did not understand.

      After the sell-off in stock futures, Pimco Managing Director Bill Gross warned investors not to overreact.

      "I'd accept the Fed at its word -- that this isn't a change in monetary policy or in the timing of it," he said. "Calmer heads may prevail tomorrow."

    • Its Friday! there was going to be a sell off anyways! Bet were close to even if not up at the close! This is a good sign. The increase shows the Fed is serious about an exit strategy at some point. Good psychological move. Monetarily, 25 basis points? Almost meaningless...except for the future tail of mortgage rates...

    • Knee jerk reaction it maybe. It signals the end of "super cheap money" and ushers in the next phase, just "cheap money". That said, historically when the fed starts raising rates it marks the top of the market cycle. Given the extraordinary circumstances that we just came out of it maybe different this time.