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  • boar292hog boar292hog Mar 24, 2010 9:49 PM Flag

    This company is still in 2G

    LOL! RFMD does 3g transmit modules as well and also does power modules/amplifieres for 4g base. 2G is for emerging markets, gosh, must be a big market to move from 25 million in Dec to over 100 million this month. What was that....oh, 3 months!
    rfmd also does power amplifiers for samsung 3g. RFMD seems to have its hands in on many componets inside a cell phone but their claim to fame as i understand it is the reduced size, reliability, and extended life of its power amplifiers. this give OEMs more board space so to speak, regarding what apps go into its smart phone etc.

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    • They might have 3G and 4G amplifiers in their catalog but in reality they are not getting the big design wins here. Their legacy 2G products are still carrying them. In order to stay in the game they will need to start winning more market in 3G and 4G. They are being forced to play catch up for these markets.

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      • They're pointing to 2011 calendar year for a growth in marketshare, and holding their own for share in 2010 calendar.

        They also position comments carefully to state that 3G is 50% of CPG revenue.

        So, Rfmd knows the perception you state, and probably the reality of what you state is there.

        The above two ways are how they're playing the perception and reality.

      • The industry does tend to leapfrog, but RFMD has been leapt over several times now and needs to do something to change that.

        I think it is a leadership issue and not a failing of engineering, that they simply don't have the right strategy to competitively position themselves in the market.

        They seem focused on 3G products that simply don't meet the needs of most customers. Not that I'm any expert at what those needs are, but the lack of design wins points to a substantial and persistent marketing and positioning failure.