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  • boar292hog boar292hog May 24, 2010 7:44 PM Flag

    dbr x6 thats the smartest post you ever made

    Not to worry, Palin is nothing more ( or less ) than a rabble rouser. She ROCKs the lefts boat and little else. She is somewhat entertaining but comes across as more of a cheerleader or runner up prom queen and not the statesman/woman this country needs and I belive, will get in 2012. Somewhere out there we will find a no nonesense hard core professional, maybe the next Reagan...WITH TEETH!
    Then I woke up, looked at our national debt and immediately ordered up a neck brace online for when the JOLT gives us all whip-lash....

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    • who started the debt crisis boar whore dog. if bush was such a great pres. why hasnt he made any speeches. why hasnt he been in the public spotlight. he is in suclusion because he knows he screwed the american people and thought the fight over in iraq would have been done and over yrs ago. what a smart president but the poor and homeless people in iraq have more smarts on war than this waste of time pres.

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      • qdog, lol! Slow down, your intellect is overwhelming! Bush said when asked DURING his Presidency that the reason he didn't defend or speak out against his critics was because his presidency was not about him but, about those he sent into harms way in two wars, voted on/approved by your beloved tramp demos.
        Regarding the debt crisis, it is a direct result of the CRA which was created by your beloved jimmy Carter then left for dead only to be revamped and brought back to life by Clinton! You know, when banks were FORCED by your beloved Demo's to make home loans to folks who DID NOT QUALIFY! Am I typing slow enough for you to follow this qfuk?LOL! I love you man! LOL! At any rate, Fanniemae/freddiemac were used to push a SOCIAL AGENDA and if you are aware of your surroundings, then you know the head of fannie ( a DEMODUD like you) apologized at a senate hearing about 5 weeks ago for fannies troubles. He made millions, tax payers lose it all and dumbazz demos like you can't conect the dots and take the blame for using legislation/policy to socially engineer your wishes by bastardizing free market vehicles.
        Sorry if I wrote this ABOVE your head/understanding, save it and go back and read it periodically to remind yourself of why the debt crisis came about! LOL! LIBidiot!