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  • boar292hog boar292hog Aug 12, 2010 7:21 PM Flag

    I'm going to forecast INSIDER selling...

    in three months and then again in another 3 months after that and so on and so forth.
    LOL! Okay, anyone that has a question, get off your keyboard, call investor relations! They will actually talk to you but not answer any insider type information. So ask about employee comp plans etc. Ask about the stock buyback, where is it now, how many shares have been bought.
    For some of the more detail oriented observers here, if in fact you detect a PPS share pattern that usually occurs prior to INSIDER sell offs then thank the company, they just made YOU MONEY with a easily forecasted event/result! Good luck on that one! LOL!

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    • Insider Selling been going on for years...and all Analysts know it...! They don't care as long as Insiders become millionaires...!

    • "Ask about the stock buyback, where is it now, how many shares have been bought."
      ......................Why u lil teaser!

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      • In late JULY 2010 RFMD announced future uses of cash may be used for a share buy back or retirement of more debt. Either way share holders win so for every shot of doubt fired over the bow of this stock I say to the critics, the glass is half full, not half empty. Analysts like the sector, RFMD has raised the Titanic so to speak, not one or two but 4 quaters in a row.
        Besides, I am playing with my own chips and no one elses. So critics simply have to deal with differing views. In the end I will win because until big changes come along, this is a value play.
        By the way, when they do start buying back stock, then what? Everyone loves RFMD? I hope they do, because I am already be positioned ! LOL !