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  • ivydog03 ivydog03 Aug 23, 2010 5:58 PM Flag

    Obama may be worse than Bush.

    So much for that HOPE and CHANGE.

    Majority of America is HOPING for a CHANGE in November.

    Is it Obama or is it Congress that is killing us.

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    • 2 party system doesn't work, just make the American Suckers think they have a choice, Yeah McCain or Obama, the two best people in the country to be President, I think Not!
      Politicians work for the special interest groups and corporations, Not For You, Wake Up! We have been sold out by both parties!

      Next time you think of Politics, realize it's just much like "Professional Wrestling"

      Carry On

    • I agree when it comes to spending American Tax Payer $$$.

      * Obama's stimulus, passed in his first month in office, will cost more than the entire Iraq War -- more than $100 billion (15%) more.

      * Just the first two years of Obama's stimulus cost more than the entire cost of the Iraq War under President Bush, or six years of that war.

      * Iraq War spending accounted for just 3.2% of all federal spending while it lasted.

      * Iraq War spending was not even one quarter of what we spent on Medicare in the same time frame.

      * Iraq War spending was not even 15% of the total deficit spending in that time frame. The cumulative deficit, 2003-2010, would have been four-point-something trillion dollars with or without the Iraq War.

      * The Iraq War accounts for less than 8% of the federal debt held by the public at the end of 2010 ($9.031 trillion).

      * During Bush's Iraq years, 2003-2008, the federal government spent more on education that it did on the Iraq War. (State and local governments spent about ten times more.)

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      • Let's correct the distotions of the facts:

        The right wing doesn't count this as expense to the deficit, but it's the real problem, not the stimulus that every major economist with credibility thinks was very necessary but was too small thanks to GOP ostructionism in Congress.

        The real cost of the wrong war (Iraq) has already exceeded $1 trillion not including the cost of 50,000 troops that will remain for years and extra damage to the national deficit in interest that will also carry on for years. That's far more than 20 times the Obama stimulus for American jobs.

        Then there is the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans that NEVER should have been enacted which cost over $50 billion a year counting deficit damage.

        Then there is the Bush bank bailout (TARP) cost of $500 billion for the fat cat banks that caused the problem. It wasn't American homebuyers trying to buy expensive homes (the GOP lie), it was the greedy bankers scams. "Nearly half of Americans incorrectly think President Obama started the the bank bailout program, otherwise known as the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), a new poll shows. Just 34 percent of Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center correctly said that TARP was enacted by the Bush administration."

        And it's not unemployment insurance extensions for the millions of Americans the GOP voted against and went on vacation after being the cause of those jobs being outsourced from America in the first place. Those millions of unemployed Americans that the GOP cares nothing for while they defend their BP oil pals, those unemployed Americans had unemployment insurance deducted from their pay when they were working - that's what it's for.

        It's another GOP leadership scam - the budget deficit excuse from the GOP that spent more (for the wrong reasons) than any administration in U.S. history. It's designed to prevent stimulus help for the American working class and small businesses so the econmy does not improve then the GOP can take us back to financial insanity if they win in November's elections.

        Iraq war winds down, but costs soar

        A Real Debate on Taxes

        More Americans think Obama, Not Bush, Enacted Bank Bailouts, Poll Shows

        Good luck to all good people.

      • Don't bring facts into the equation when discussing Obama. That's how he got elected. Now we are paying the price for his failures.

    • Obama worse than Bush?

      Not even remotely close.

      The United States are a democracy.......

      The President doesn't pass legislation, the Presidents signs the legislation Congress passes.

      Don't expect Obama to fix 8 years of GOP stupidity assisted by blue dog democrats and dixiecrats in just 18 months.

      It's Congress that is killing us and no matter who you vote for in November, the cure won't be coming much sooner than the 8 years it took the GOP to create the mess. However, in November, if the nation votes against the GOP, the Tea Party wingnuts, blue dog democrats and dixiecrats, in 3 to 5 years we have a chance to get back to prosperity in America. If the nation votes to go backwards to the GOP greedy idiots that created this mess, get ready for an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like the Mickey Mouse Club.

      Good luck to all good people.

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