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  • tommiegun53 tommiegun53 Apr 27, 2011 2:27 PM Flag

    RIMM and Much More

    Last night when I broke the news I had heard on the Earnings Conference Call about the ramp of "PowerSmart" platforms newest customer RIMM and others, I didn't hear that they were adding HTC, and Huawei, as I was focusing on other things talked about.

    When I went back and listened to the replay on their website, I heard that and much more.

    I know that Nokia is now less than 15% of their customer base and Samsung is 10% plus customer now.

    In addition it is talked about in this article:

    Tommie 4/27/11

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    • I agree Mom, tell me a little about yourself.

    • Like this big he had to say, particularly in the third paragraph (institutional/mutual fund increased buys, and they ain't run by "hillbillies"):

      "The stock currently trades at a forward P/E of 11-12 based on projected earnings of 55c for FY ending March 2012, while revenue is anticipated to fall slightly year-over-year. This is near the middle of its historical P/E trading range, and with the projected fall in both revenue and earnings for the current FY as well as the steep fall in revenue and earnings both sequentially and year-over-year for the current March 2011 quarter, it is expected that shares will trade weaker in the short- to intermediate-term.

      However, long-term, the fundamentals of the company are still intact as global ‘Smartphone’ shipments will continue to increase, the company is diversifying its customer base to include more leading ‘Smartphone’ manufacturers, and most of the negatives from the Nokia losses are already baked into the stock price. As such, the shares can be expected to trade in a $5 to $7.50 range in the interim. A potential trading strategy would be to accumulate shares were the price to drop because of this quarter’s miss to near or below $5 and sell them if they rise to above $7.

      Institutions have been net buyers of the stock recently, with 297 institutions holding a total of 202.5 million shares or 73% of the shares outstanding shares, up from 69% in the prior period. Of the 18 analysts covering the stock, ten recommend it as a buy, while seven rate it a hold, and the remaining one has a sell rating on the stock. Also, on average, analysts expect an upside to $8.63, 37% above yesterday’s closing price of $6.32."

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    • When YOU "broke the news"??? What a joke!!! The only thing broken is your brain....You are as stupid as those dumb hillbillies running RFMD. Must be something in the water down there.....