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  • boar292hog boar292hog Oct 30, 2011 9:51 AM Flag

    RFMD lining up naysayers and

    grabbing them by the collar and "B" slapping them one at a time! RFMDs turn around has been on a steady track for about two years now! Yes, there was one ANNOUNCED interruption when RFMD decided to SUNSET a technology or two but the drop in revenues was expected at that point!
    Naysayers tried to sensationalize the drop as a "here we go again" scenario that RFMD went through following the the dotcom debacle and they (naysayers) were, and are, wrong!
    Please note that RFMD built up its cash position, reduced its debt situation BEFORE the sunsetting/slow down occured. By design? I think so but more than that, a sign to shareholders that RFMDs leadership recognizes the importance of credibility which it lost in the dotcom train wreck.
    RFMD is here to stay and growing as you read this posting! It has alot more irons in the fire than its competition and each and every quarter that comes and goes we see EXPANSION of its customer base as well as the sectors it has a presence in!
    The fact that RFMD is taking market share away from competitors is all that really needed to be said in the recent CC. It says it all!

    ..all IMHO of course!

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