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  • speculamania speculamania Apr 22, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    probably something has leaked or simply some shorts begin to panic

    I am happy to see this action

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    • nohing leaked . need good earnings or we lose all of it

    • Me too. I was getting discouraged.

    • Spec,

      Nothing leaked......the shorts and PUKES play "risk/reward" and truly don't need the HOME RUN by shorting this stock today or tomorrow. Too close to earnings.......they are planning their strategies for Wednesday and will be the ones shorting (i..e selling) while the STUPID MONEY buys into the POP.

      I really like this Company (I promise everyone I bought so much of it at $3.95) but truly it has beeen manipulated daily and I am sick of it. For now, I need a break and no better time to sell and REGROUP then after the earnings POP. I doubt I go back in until late this year and might short a little myself (which I have never done but I like the risk/reward of filling that GAP).

      I am not a CHART GUY but truly MOST GAPS UP fill and this stock has filled everyone of them. So I doubt this time it will "be different" selling the POP makes sense to me......maybe we run straight to the moon.....who knows but I feel the PRUDENT PLAY is selling the POP on Wednesday.....the VOLUME WILL BE HEAVY and truly they will pick up my 80,000 shares (yes, I have that many) and it might effect the price 1 cent if that so a good day to unload 80,000 shares and "ring the register".

      Who knows.....maybe I leave $160,000 on the table and we run 2 points higher but I feel $5 in the short term if more likely then $7 or $8.......long term by this time next year this stock can be a $10 stock or I will keep an eye on it and if it drops enough but the FUNAMENTALS DON'T CHANGE I will buy back my shares at a lower price.

      I am not a TRADER but more of a intermediate investor normally from November to April.....I like the ODDS in my favor and those are the best months to play any tech stocks......30 years of doing this has shown me that......rarely do tech stocks perform well in the summer.