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  • bonrusso bonrusso Apr 23, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    Setting UP PERFECT for a POP to $6 tomorrow

    Just close right near the high of $5.50...announce nice earnings and good guidance and basically "its been nice knowing you guys"......make a fortune and cheerlead for $7 while I drink and hang out on my boat.

    As they say in the casino (which RFMD is) "just one time baby".....I just want one really nice earnings report and conference call and maybe an upgrade or two before the bell and WE ARE OUTTA HERE !!!!

    I will probably check in just to say "I TOLD YOU SO" when the stock trades back by Friday to $5.40 or so and everyone asks themselves "why did I hold after the POP"......hopefully, some of you have learned something.....LET SPEC hold and "shoot for the moon" and I will just play the PERCENTAGES and SELL into the RALLY tomorrow (not necessarily on the initial pop.....this stock normaly runs a little after the POP so I wil probably just keep raising my stop loss until it finally "runs out of gas and hits it".....the PUKES normally let the BUYING FRENZY go on until around late morning and then they SHORTH THE SH** out of it and the decline begins and they LAUGH all the way to the BANK.....they normally leave it alone the first couple of hours !!!!

    Watch and Learn......they are SMARTER THEN US and I am SMART ENOUGH to have learned that I am just shocked that most of the long term holders have not figured this out yet......YES, it took me 5-6 months but it sure would not take me YEARS......come on guys stop truly believing "this time will be different".......YEAH SPEC keep saying that and lead these people "to the slaughter which will be from Wednesday afternooon until the end of the week"......

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