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  • bonrusso bonrusso Apr 26, 2013 1:02 PM Flag

    Quick Comment on the Action today

    Low Volume. However, PUKES keep trying to keep it down. They throw out huge ask blocks around key levels ($5.40). I will say one thing if we EVER break the PUKES BACKS (and we might) and break $5.50 this stock may run for awhile. Truly, if they ever have to play the LONG SIDE (and they will take the path of least resistance and so far it has been to play downward trends on every spike up) on a spike up we would run like a #$%$ being chased by the police !!!

    I would love to see has been a ridiculous fight upward but I feel we are close to turning the tide.......they tried to take us down the last two days and it was met with buying so I believe we are close IMHO !!!

    We have probably 3 more hurdles ($5.40 they have tried to make a stand yesterday and today) and we know $5.45 is important and then $5.50 and then I believe we have "turned the tide temporarily" and we should be good for a nice little run.......who knows how far we never know and that is probably the only thing we can all agree on.......they could take us to $6 or even $7 we have all seen it before and we are due for a nice run !!!!

    Earnings were good, guidance was good and we just need a little help from MR. MARKET next week and we may have a really nice week for once !!!

    Specs break-out prediction might come true Monday........lets hope for a solid close over $5.40 !!

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