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  • bonrusso bonrusso Apr 29, 2013 12:45 PM Flag


    Need to google you tube unleash the fury. The scene if from ROAD TRIP.....they play this clip along with other motivators at the Washington Capital games to "pump us up".

    So RFMD it is finally time to UNLEASH THE FURY !!!!!!

    This is OUR TIME.......Johnnie Beans you have been waiting for this so enjoy it. I hope we run for awhile but at this point I am looking for an EXIT point just don't want to be too early. So I am hoping RFMD makes it easy on me and runs straight up for a 2-3 RFMD UNLEASH THE FURY !!!! Lets see some volume and close above $5.60 today and NEAR THE HIGH of the day which should give us another pop tomorrow.......after that we might start to run out of a little gas but I am hoping for $6 as my target......I just hope we don't stall before then........WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE APPROACHING MAY !!!!! I feel we are "good to go" but the damn seasonlity scares me !!!!


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    • what makes you so excited about a second rate "rf" chip company? it's the same management team that crashed this company. also, their emphasis on 2g in their cc call was a big negative.

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      • Buddy, this has nothing to do with FUNDAMENTALS TODAY the sector and Aaple is in rally mode so I assure you none of the momentum players are taking out their calulators today......took me many years to learn that........they will take at the pencils and paper later but for RIGHT NOW we are UNLEASHING THE FURY BABY !!!! This isn't going to stop for a little while so whether you are right or wrong for makes no difference today and probably for a few days.......we have finally UNLEASHED THE FURY and broken that old high so it is time to do a LITTLE RUNNING and it sure feels good !!!

      • Nokia makes 600,000 phones per day? The Nokia 105 is a $20 phone for third world countries. What is the revenue that RFMD can make from Nokia times 600,000 per day.

        Nokia’s expertise in handset production makes it possible to turn a profit on a $20 phone, Jeronimo said. For years the world’s largest mobile-phone maker and now No. 2, Nokia makes more than 600,000 phones a day in seven factories around the world, using parts from suppliers it knows well. Chinese rivals may be able to make a device as cheap as the 105, but they lack the features and services from Nokia, Jeronimo said.

    • You want to get pumped go to Youtube, query for Joe Bonamassa and listen/view his Royal Albert Hall performance. If you like guitar you just might find it's about as close to smokin' as smokin' gets.

      Oh....and RFMD is doing a nice job of continually bulling ahead, too. ;-)

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      • High.........seeing they put up a 62,500 roadblock at $5.60.....this will be our first big test for the day. If we fight through that god only knows where we close today. They are testing the conviction of the LONGS right here and now........UNLEASH THE FURY !!! We need it right here !!!! That should allow them to just let us be until $5.75 is my guess.