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  • itakebackmyapology itakebackmyapology May 1, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    HAHAHAHA you longs got clowned

    Got you buying again. Got your hopes up for a move to 6 but notice when it corrects how very fast it tumbles.
    Down below 5 soon.

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    • You know I don't know why there has to be JERKS like you. You must have a miserably life so hopefully all the DECENT POSTERS on this board at least see that. I sold and made A LOT of money on this stock (more then you will ever see) and I would never wish anyone "ill will".

      The one thing I promise everyone on this board is even if this stock goes to $0 they will have a better life then you even if you make a TON of money. People like you are just plain MISERABLE with their own existance and truly just find pleasure in other peoples agony (pain loves company).

      If you were truly a happy person you would never want anyone to feel the way you try to make them feel.

      I am sure you will have some kind of negative response to this post but truly you need to take a good look at yourself and figure out why you are so miserable. You may fool other people but I am 500% sure you are truly a miserable person and if you have no luck in life this is exactly why you don't.

      This stock is manipulated but you know I can't blame people for buying it as I did. It is a compelling story and truly they have done A LOT right but they are playing in the "low end" and I believe that limits their upside and I do see that now. Unfortunately, they just did not increase Gross Margins enough to coincide with revenue growth......who knows if they ever will but if they ever do "watch out"..........I will re-visit this stock again come later this year and continue to follow it but not post as I don't have a "dog in the fight" so really it isn't my business.

      I just hope the other decent posters understand they win regardless of what this stock lose regardless because you will always be can't fool me maybe you can fool others......what a pathetic life going around taking joy in others misfortune.