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  • rickarooski rickarooski May 17, 2013 10:47 AM Flag

    Bon. Here's some help for you. (Others can ride the tailwind)

    It's NOT that TQNT is "up .10" today. Look at the plummet at the end of yesterday. What you're seeing today is nothing more than a return to that action. It's called the stock market (as criminal as it may be). And it's all about moving the numbers so the pukes can make a dime (not a pun). So all is well. RFMD WILL retrace. I'm in agreement with your 5.50 as that is a stall-point for the pukes. (I'm more inclined to see 5.08 as the "correction" hasn't happened yet and RFMD will surely (Dare I say definately!!!) follow the lead.

    Beware the flatline on low volume. Especially if done over a few days. The changing of the guard has to happen and the direction will change. Bet the bank on that. Besides, the pukes have already played out the (not so stealth) contrary play to sell-in-May. The game is to get the public really comfortable with a consistant up trend. It's only a matter of time before the rug gets pulled out. BTW, we're almost there. We need a blowout up-day. That'll mask a good portion of the short buys.

    Carry on.

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    • Rick as always THANKS. Last thing I am trying to do is "Dig it in".....funny the peopel who are accusing me of that ADD NOTHING to the board.
      We are on the same page. Look at the action today. Just not good. My point is it took me 6 months and I have seen RFMD for what it is. Truly, ,it is a "money maker" if you have patience. However, if you want a stock to participate in the rally it was not the stock. That was my point. This stock is manipulated and the pressure is to the "downside" and this stock will lead us down like you suggest. Then it will have a NICE BOUNCE (probably 5% in days). I see it breaking $5.50 and then $5.45 and then heading down quickly. This will probably correspond to a quick "sell off" that will come soon. I believe that sell off will be quick and the market will have a 3%-5% correction I don't believe a 10% correction is in the cards yet but we are so overdue for a couple of bad days (since May1st the market has really done nothing but gone up every day). The trend is up and corrections are buying opportunities for now (similar to the late 90's before the bottom fell out (which it will.......this will not end good it never does)). However, whether the big sustained sell-off is this year, next year or the following year who knows but the play now is to buy dips and trade them. That is what I have been doing (played XOM again today and just sold......been dipping every morning and then recovering......been easy money in a "safer stock".....these morons don't understand when you invest big a 50-70 cent gain is many thousands......been a great month just playing daily dips with bigger names in uptrends........RFMD is just not a stock I want to play as too much RISK and TOO LITTLE REWARD. However, I might play it again since I am familiar with it after holding it for 5-6 months and #$%$ well but it could have been so much better !!!!!!!!!
      Time to shave, shower and leave for my "fake yacht" for the

    • I forgot. The SWKS play today is even more obvious. Up .20? Everything is relative, right?

      Carry on.