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  • speculamania speculamania Jun 7, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    bought some extra horror stock

    this is the ultimate horror stock

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    • Spec......why do we do this to ourselves......truly, we must like TORTURE.......I keep shaking my head and I am sure even if I make money again on this stock it will be nothing but a HEADACHE....never easy like TQNT shreholders had.
      However, I am hopeful that this has been a MARGIN issue holding it back. I listened to the presentation and it appears the 300-400 is conservative (not accounting for volume improvements) and I feel might be 500 or more with some luck. So we have the margins improving and volume should increase so we could have a TQNT type run is my hope by early next year if not sooner. The one thing about this stock is as we saw last week (when it went from $5.12 to over $5.60 in like a day and a half) is it can move up quickly so next Friday we may be back in the $5.30's with some luck and repair some of the technical damage done this week. Also, I did look at the chart and you can draw a line from highs and lows from this run and see we are still barely in the channel at around this my gut is we sell off Monday and reverse and close up from todays close and Tuesday we join in the TUESDAY rally and get back in the $5.20's is my hope.
      GOOD LUCK SPEC......truly, we all need to set up a conference call and complain and drink once a week (make that once a day with this stock !!!!!!!!!!).
      Finally, they just presented on Tuesday so I feel we are SAFE and why I bought in.........they probably would not have mentioned the $285-$290 range this quarter and seemed overall postive. They would have mentioned some overall weakness is my guess......remember they are diversified so as long as the OVERALL cell phone market grows we should be good so hopefully APPLE makes up the Samsung shortfall (assuming their is some)..
      Monroi KEEP POSTING I feel you nailed the APPLE news as I got the same feeling from the conference.......if this stock wasn't ALWAYS MANIPULATED like this I would really worry but have seen this before and so has everyone else

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