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  • bonrusso bonrusso Jun 7, 2013 3:15 PM Flag

    Rick........broke your $5.08 on an UP DAY

    Rick.........give your opinion. No bump off of any lows the whole day.

    PUKES fooled some people this morning (as the first trades were a GAP UP at $5.30.......what crooks). EVERYTIME THIS STOCK GAPS UP the GAP FILLS (normally right away !!!). Did the same thing last week on the GAP to $5.45..........this is why after earnings on a GAP UP you have to sell !!!! This stock is NO CISCO and it is unfortunate we can't GAP UP and ever run........look at the CISCO and even CIENNA (opened WAY UP YESTERDAY).

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    • tracey563 Jun 7, 2013 3:18 PM Flag

      its going to be impossible to hold 5,the mkt is acting toppy at some point itwill fall.

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      • Tracey,

        You are probably right. However, I do feel that $6 is in the cards by next earnings report so the run to over $5.60 last week scared me as I missed it last time and truly thought I blew it (see my post as I posted after it ran up telling everyone I got greedy).

        Maybe it hits $4.50 but it might run up next week and not give me another opportunity prior to earnings.

        Down 5 in a row .............stock is capable of putting together a nice winning streak and the Apple conference worries me as the Samsung shortfall (which isn't that bad) might be negated by the Apple ramp up and that could trigger a rally.

        Higher margins once they are confirmed should propel this stock........will only take one big fund to accumulate and we will be "off to the races".

        Today definitely shook out A LOT of people so lets see if the PUKES are reeady to move us up next feeling is we reverse.