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  • bonrusso bonrusso Jun 7, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Last Point....AVAGO

    Avago was mentioned by the analyst who felt Samsung was below estimates. They said AVAGO would be effected as well.......well look at AVAGO up today.......their investors chose to ignore the news due to Avagos forecast and recent point is it can't effect RFMD and NOT EFFECT AVAGO so the AVAGO investors are wrong (which I doubt) or the RFMD investors are wrong (which is normally the case mainly thanks to the PUKES manipulation).

    My point.......with SWKS closing down less then us and Avago going up we were MANIPULATED by a percent or two today and should get that back next week when the "dust clears" bet is we see $5.20 or more early next week even if the market is flat.....probably reverse and close up slightly on Monday and then have a decent Tuesday especially if the market it up.......we are due for a reversal.

    RMFD PUKES did it to us again....TQNT, SWKS and AVGO and even QCOM was down less or even up in the case of AVAGO.......isn't like Samsung is our only source of revenue !!! We got HOSED.....thank you PUKES.

    Calling it a night......long day.........wanted to close higher and thought we would reverse like SWKS did but it didn't happen !!!! PUKES are always able to keep this stock down !!!

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    • even ANAD was up today. Clearly the work of the pukes. But they got what they wanted.

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      • Spec,

        All we need is someone to up estimates for AAPLE shipments or rebuke the analsyts who believe Samsung will be short. Trust me, it can happen and then people who were forced out today get the shaft.

        Until this Company lies to me I have to hang in there.........wanted a pullback and I got one......actually saved a few cents as I missed it last week by a couple of pennies and next thing you know on Friday we are over $5.60..........I didn't feel real good but did congratulate those who bought and ADMITTED I MISSED IT (check the board.............I was surprised I didn't get teased to be

        Truly, there are some good posters on this board......I know "I CRY ABOUT THE PUKES" but truly this is a crooked stock but I feel I know the company and we can win a few ways so I feel it is a good investment short to intermediate term........China should be big and margin expansion should happen and if we scored some additional APPLE wins we are "all systems go" even if Samsung is short by 5-10 million units........I truly don't believe most if any of that was in the estimates.....if so, we probably still hit the lower end this quarter and probably still have some sequential gain next quarter.

        Hey, even if we miss we might pull a TQNT and storm ahead..........truly, I thought they would decline after their report and they never looked back !!!! LIVE AND LEARN so who knows if we miss but show margin expansion and promise a good second half they make take us to $9.........................LOL !!!

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