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  • rickarooski rickarooski Jun 10, 2013 9:31 PM Flag

    For the peanut gallery, here's a little revolation for your pea sized brain.

    Oh where to start.
    You clowns (Shorts waste your time by adding zero to this board. There are a few of us that use it to help one another in an attempt to gain a profit. But mostly there's losers here who think that Monday-morning-quarterbacking is actually value added. (BTW nutjobs, it's not)

    So let's look at the recent past and the VERY current past AKA today.
    The recent past price performance is acting exactly how RFMD acts. And the very LITTLE information that we as retailers have in outdated at best. Now let's fast forward to "today" where an upgrade comes out specifically identifying RFMD increased content in AAPL 5.

    Now tell me, where in Gods' green earth did THAT come from??? Can anyone suggest that that finding was just released to a single anal, TODAY???? Do you realize how long it takes to "fit" (and get approval) of a widget into a device. Heck, this was known by the insiders a LONG time ago but just released when the price (and their positions) were situated. Yep, no hidden info here.

    So you see bozo critics of the sane ones on this board (each person can make their own judgement) it's not as simple as flipping coins or rock-paper-scissors. And the name calling of those that are actually trying to "help" is childish at best, yet, the best these jerks can do on an otherwise civil board. But we that their jibberish with a grain of salt and discount anything they write anyway.

    The market isn't a fair place and the deck is certainly stacked against retail as the "news" release of RFMD in APPL today attests. BTW. That swing from 5.6+ back to 5.03 (in the last 3 days!!!!!!!!!) where'd THAT come from. Certainly the "news" that RFMD had a higher content in AAPL wasn't know 3 days ago! (How's THAT for sarcasm?)

    It's tough out there!!
    Carry on. (And they do and will)

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    • another_margin_call_2012 another_margin_call_2012 Jun 11, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

      Remember when you were going berserk regarding insider $elling and that was the short term top...did the insiders know when they sold they had approval of the "new widget" at that time....or was it after they sold they got approval for said widget?
      just trying to get the timing down

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      • Now now Margin. I hardly think the tone was "berserk". Cautionary, yes. Insiteful, yes again. That's the problem with the written word. The basis, intent, tone all get lost by the interpretation.

        But yours is the most intelligent reply in years (outside of Monrio). Your points are NOT mutually exclusive! It's not that they HELD and then sold at the known top. (Which BTW they did as I had warned) But you're correct, of course they knew of the AAPL extended content. And who can time the market better than the slime at the top. Perhaps the onslaught of selling near the 5.6+ was a combination of items they knew of from behind the scenes. BTW, the selling wasn't timid. Just like the Holding of shares WAS DEFTENING, relatively speaking by RFMD management stds.

        So good for you. You're not looking at fundies but rather expressing interest in the peripherals of the market. THAT approach will gain you some profits.

        Carry on.

    • tracey563 Jun 11, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

      though this does seem to constantly underperform,i do wonder.

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