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  • wellsliq wellsliq Dec 19, 2013 6:53 PM Flag

    Are you ready for the ride?

    This stock is going to double? Who is kidding who? One even said going to $20. What have these people been eating? This is very strange gamesmanship.

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    • The problem is that there is no return to investors 1st, no dividend 2nd, no share price gains over last 2 years. What's the point in investing? On the other hand, management is continually rewarded for this. Seriously, what is the point. This is why the share price sucks. Until management quits sucking off shares every quarter company will not be worth investing in. I'm not against bonuses, but they have to be earned. When share price hasn't maintained above $5 are they really earning the enormous number of shares they take every quarter? Really find it hard to believe so many are still around. It's not the shorts, it's the unwarranted shares gifted to management every quarter. GLTA

    • do not invest in this stock, i lost 40k back in 2000. they are all about themselves as in any business, they will move the plant in NC to China, just wait and see! look at what happened to the furniture industry here in the carolina's, they make me sick, people have worked their life here in NC and BIG boys said throw the babies out the window! I don't know how some can sleep at night. Merry Christmas to you RFMD!!!!!

    • RMF'D will double, maybe even triple...from $.70