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  • born2win_2000 born2win_2000 Oct 8, 2009 7:42 PM Flag

    Recession is over so buy SYY

    unemployment is going down so Americans will be eating more expensive food (not necessarily healthier) so Sysco's top line and profit margins should correspondingly improve henceforth.

    The recent cost trimming will act as octane boost for EPS. Simple logic here. Good luck and God bless America.

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    • First, for those still unemployed and trying to figure out ways to feed themselves and their families, the recession is not over.

      Second, as currently priced, this stock is overvalued based on its future discounted free cash flows.

      Third, the hallowed earnings per share is based on accrual accounting, which is open to all kinds of manipulation.

      Fourth, earnings don't pay the bills or the shareholders -- cash does.

    • Of course there is the problem that "the stuff" that those regions manufacture is junk that falls apart in a year, which means that you have to buy it over and over; the actual cost is much higher. This is outside the fact we have no manufacturing base left, and no longer make anything of value except financial transactions- which are themselves of no value at all.

    • Unfortunately, I suspect that when seeing the name David Ricardo, most people wonder on which season of American Idol he appeared.

      Seriously, one of the main areas of opposition to the idea of free trade, in my opinion, is that the Univerisity of Chicago has historically been a major proponent of free trade, and the east coast is never going to go along with anything that comes out of the Midwest.

    • I agree with you, more people should study David Ricardo.

    • Good - let the other countries make the stuff that doesn't take any skill to make. We'll buy it from them cheaper than it would cost if we made it here, and they'll have more money to buy the stuff from us that they can't produce. Free trade - the rising tide that lifts all boats (if you don't understand how this works, enroll in an introductory economics class at your local community college)

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