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  • sccaz sccaz Dec 1, 2000 1:18 PM Flag

    ABC or Trip Rate...

    Please explain details about how you would get
    paid. We just signed our contract and we purt a clause
    in there about ABC pay. It has to be COMPLETELY
    voluntary IF the union accepts it for submission to vote on
    by union members. Personally, I cant see how a
    person would want to rely on piece work to make a
    paycheck. If youre not picking cases you dont make
    anything. We have plenty of nights where the computer or
    printer breaks down and no labels are generated for us to
    use. Standing around not making anything under those
    pay guidelines. Fortunely, I dont have to pick
    anything. I am a fork operator.

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    • offered you a big bonus? Of course not. Upper
      mamagement salaries are determined by what the market will
      bring them. The market for experienced and producing
      management is very good right now, and SYSCO has to pay them
      to attract and keep the good ones. Don't complain.
      These guys and gals have the companies future at stake,
      and any wrong move they make( or don't make) can cost
      potentially hundreds of jobs, yes, the same ones who will
      gripe about their bonuses. What are they worth?? You
      figure it out. Its your job they have in their hands.

    • At a union house breakdown and delay time
      (customer not open etc.)should be paid at an hourly rate
      called delay time it is the job of the BA to see that
      this happens. Before any ABC plan is put in place all
      delay time,mileage,cases,stop money,meal money,extra
      work (going back out after trip)MUST be negotiated.

    • Sccaz our ABC is this....
      This is for
      mile .....$0.36
      or for pallet stops....$1.43 then
      stops and miles
      No breakdown pay
      No detention
      $17.21 hrly for driver assist
      but right
      now after 8 it is over $25 per hour...

    • Ive asked for specifics and havent read any yet.
      How much per case? Average cases per
      night(warehouse). Drivers... How much per case? I already know
      average per truck.
      At KC, a picker would get about
      1000-1200 cases for an 8 hour night. maybe 1600-1800 for a
      12 hour night.

      My opinion for ABC is to scrap
      it. I wouldnt be on it if it were offered because I
      am a fork operator. 10 cents a case wouldnt add up
      to being more than hourly at my rate of $15.41hr.
      Now a NEW hire could do better than the $10.50 they
      would start out at. For them, it would probably be a
      good deal.

      Also, what do you do if you are not
      able to pick anything due to no labels, shortage of
      carts, etc. Are you doing 'busy' work? If so, then youre
      working for free.
      We had one driver bring back an
      entire stop (150 cs) because he got there 2 hrs before
      place opened. He decided he wasnt going to sit around
      and wait, so he came back. Obviously it has its down
      points, which I think outnumber the good.

    • HAWKER ... I drive about 45 miles a day and go
      out with about on a adverage 500 cases with a bunch
      of basement stops and i even have one stop that is 2
      floors up 32 steps, you tell me if this plan is good for
      me more thing im at 63 thousand for the
      year im not going to make that on F-U-C-K the driver

    • Baltimore

    • Hawker.....The ONLY way your drivers are making
      the money is if they are getting miles...And if you
      are in the NE then I know what house you are from,
      and yes, your drivers to make money.....
      But the
      houses that are located in major cities won't make the
      money your house does, because they don't cross over
      into your area....
      Plus if I am correct your house
      is in a "right to work state"....We are a union
      state, proud, strong and intellegent....
      Unions are a
      nessary evil, and if you don't know that watch Hoffa or
      read the NAFTA plan.

    • Ignorance is bliss.......isn't it? Thank goodness the drivers at our house have more brains than you....and make more money.

    • dont even do it for one day .tell them to keep there extra money they claim you will make go teamster

    • Try it out for yourself and prove that it is not as good as they say it is. The guys that are on the new system see the benefits.

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