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  • sccaz sccaz Dec 8, 2000 5:53 PM Flag

    Speaking of bonuses

    Our Previous VP, Now Pres, made a remark that was
    overheard by one of us normal folk. He seemed to be having
    a dilemma as to how to spend his bonus for that
    particular quarter. "Should I get a new car, or just pay off
    my house?" Must be rough. Definitely put those
    overpaid pencil pushers on ABC.

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    • Sysco is a solid company you can pretty much bet
      on. After all, everyone HAS to eat. Over 8 years time
      I've been with Sysco it has performed well. It has
      split twice and is getting ready to do it again Dec 15.
      This past year has had a slump from Jan to Mar, where
      the stock went down some, but that is typically our
      slowest time as well. Dont know if that would have
      anything to do with the downward trend we had at that
      Why are some houses union and some arent? Its
      how the employees are treated that determines that.
      Some houses have better "people person's" working at
      them. We have some, but they are not in the "chain of
      command" so to speak. So their voices get drowned out or
      not paid any attention too. Personally, I would not
      want to be at Sysco of KC if it werent for the union.
      The management has shown us time and time again that
      we arent worth much to them. Plenty of comments get
      made about us "warehouse bastards", "overpaid
      baboons", "We could get monkeys in here to do a better
      job". We have had several guys transfer here from other
      Sysco's. They all leave. The last one lasted 6 mo. And he
      was with Sysco for 11 yrs prior to coming here. We
      have had supervisors from 2 other Sysco's come here to
      find ways to help this place get better numbers. I
      talked to them all, and they came to the conclusion that
      relations between workers and management needs to improve.

      Why am I still here? For the good pay (union
      assisted), good benefits, and job stability (like I said,
      everyone has to eat). I can go there, do my job, and go
      home with enough money to raise a family.

    • Dont take my joking the wrong way just having fun
      with people.You should be proud of your family im sure
      he did work hard,because sysco dont hand you nothing
      for free,I am not a ANTI SYSCO employee i just dont
      want them to try to undercut my pay that i work hard
      for every day and thats what they are trying to do. I
      heard that to that some houses voted down the union
      to,it will come back to bite them in the ass because
      all the houses are trying to put them on a ABC grade
      pay.That will be a lost in wages for people, and the non
      union houses can do what ever they want to there
      employees .I am sorry to say that, a union is very needed
      at sysco i wish it i was wrong .Just having fun .

    • You are right, he did get it through bonuses. The
      point I was trying to make is that the opportunity
      exist for any one wanting to work for it. It is offered
      to the rank and file at 15% below market. Some
      investors are happy to make 10%. To say that all management
      are pencil pushers indicates a lack of understanding
      of the business. The gentleman from Chicago gives me
      the impression that if you have a different view than
      he has you are gay. ( use of the term my lover).
      Actually my buddy is my brother of whom I am very proud.
      He worked hard to get where he is at. This will be
      my last post on this board. But if you know answer
      one question. Why are some houses union and some not.
      I have heard some voted down the union. Also may be
      some of the ranks should put together a website called
      Fun is what I am having. Merry Christmas to all and
      to all good night.

    • we do all the work and they get all money and
      they think we are grossly overpaid ,the work that i do
      every day makes sysco money and i am glad to do my part
      to make this company bigger and the better, but tell
      me ....what is the return on there performance what
      does sysco make off of there sweat or there cold feet
      and hands, im stupid they sit behind there desk and
      push there pencil will im out pushing a two wheeler,i
      think they are grossly overpaid

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      • i_have_seen_better_days i_have_seen_better_days Dec 13, 2000 12:53 PM Flag

        Looking at some of the posts on this board with
        poor spelling , poor sentence structure , and little
        or no punctuation , I would say several of you are
        damn lucky to have a job at all! You should consider
        yourself fortunate to have been given the responsibility
        of being in charge of a 2 wheeler.

        My first
        job after high school was welding on an assembly
        line. I had learned to weld in shop class and heard all
        the stories about getting rich as a

        After several months of breathing the fumes and
        consistantly burning my eyes I decided I needed a new career.
        I was also complaining a lot about how easy the
        people in the front office had it while the shop workers
        did all the work.

        I went to college and got a
        degree in business. I was employed by some very large
        corporations and was paid excellent salaries.

        Then I
        realized the technology field was the place to be. I
        returned to college and got my second degree , this time
        in Computer Science.

        I'm not bragging but I
        am patting myself on the back for making the
        decisions I did. I've had a very good life.

        Some of
        you have to face reality. You are thinking your
        company management has it easy while you slave away at
        manual labor. The fact is you are unhappy with yourself.
        So do something about it and stop

        In case any of you wonder , I am not a Sysco
        employee. I'm a Sysco investor. In fact , I don't work for
        anyone now. I retired at 52 in 1998 and started my own
        in-home business as a consultant.

        I wish you well!

      • In this Great land of opportunity you can go back
        to school, get a Master's in Business and join
        management. Then you too, could get a big bonuses for pushing
        pencils and also learn why they are paid so much. They
        make big decisions so truck drivers still have a job.

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