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  • bman2000 bman2000 Jan 12, 1998 6:47 PM Flag

    maxs good value

    The problem with this stock at this time is the sector is cold.
    The balance sheet, cash flow, ect. looks good to me. Also lets
    face it small stocks are not moving right now, period! Buy and
    hold, no Asian exposure.

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    • bman,
      Found an interesting small cap const. co with max Asian exposure, Sawako, (SWKOY), a Japanese company that trades on the
      NASDAQ. They have an English language web site, and most interestingly, are kicking butt in a market that has been hell on
      construction recently. They have an excellent business strategy and are targeting a profitable niche in Japan. They may be, in my
      opinion, one of the babies that's getting thrown out with the bath water in the Asian market right now. I'd be interested in any
      feedback anyone may have about them. Like I say, they look good to me, but not good enough to draw any of my cash! See what you