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  • tdyaa tdyaa Mar 20, 1998 3:29 PM Flag

    What's Up

    Cheeze!!!! I bought it the other day at 22 7/8, haveing watched it for over 1mo. IBD still had a good rating on it so when it pulled back a bit yesterday I thought, no big deal. Then when it was 21 I put in a limit buy at 20 @13/16 I get back from lunch & not only had my trade been executed (I was happy) but then I found out it was below 20!!!! I KNOW the market goes up & down but...but..but....really, I don't get this one. I hadn't seen it so volatile before.

    << Those bastards are going around people's bids in what appeared to be their own accumulation, not sales. They could see on their terminal were the stops were.>>

    I'm a newbie (&, apparently, dumbie) & don't understand the above quote.