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  • cdh99 cdh99 Oct 14, 1998 7:34 PM Flag

    MODT -- What's that matter??

    This stock continues to get great ratings, but
    continues to fall?? What is going on?? Is the problem
    orders and contracts in California? Or is it the new
    acquisition? Or is it concern over future ability to grow?


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    • This year's legislative session is over and the
      elected officials have returned to their districts to
      campaign for the November elections. Any bill not signed
      by the Governor is dead at this point. The multiple
      listings on SB 50 relate to the revisions and committee
      conferences on the Bill. The Final version is the one signed
      by the Governor and Enrolled. The real action for
      MODT is in the implementation regulations which are
      adopted by the State Allocation Board. A version is
      currently out for public comment and can be found on the
      SAB website.

    • There are a number of bills on the California
      Senate site. The sheer number of them and their contents
      makes them confuseing.
      Entering "portable
      classrooms" in the key word search of gives you about 7 bills that deal with this
      issue. Can somebody out there take a look and help me to
      decipher where things stand?

    • all i know is that clinton's proposed 5 billion
      school construction proposal was given the axe. hiring
      of 100,000 new teachers was approved, which makes
      little sense to me, as far as where they will be
      teaching.... ? that was just the feds, local schools should be
      expanding. good luck, looks like i'm in for life at this
      point. j

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      • The Clinton Plan was to fund permanent structure
        classrooms. They had indicated in an interview that the
        fundung would help schools get out of using "Trailers".
        Besides the need for Washington to understand what a
        modern relocatable classroom is, the MODT classrooms are
        the most economice method of adding classroom space.
        The lack of fed funding benefits MODT with the need
        for additional classrooms driving school districts to
        using more of their units.