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  • scott48047 scott48047 Jun 3, 1999 12:23 PM Flag


    Good Article in yesterday's USA Today about the
    huge need for new schools, and for the remodeling of
    the old ones. Lots of pictures including some
    portable classrooms. The article stated that many
    districts use and will contiue to use these portables as
    school boards and city councils traditionally move so
    slow on new build issues. Seems to be a nationwide
    problem, so with MODT expanding acquisitions this should
    open up more of the US market.

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    • The cancer is manifest in pocket lining! Can it
      be cut out or treated? To board members who truely
      have MODT's best intrests at heart,"Look what the've
      done to your company"! They are the smiling Devil in
      cognito!! Open your eyes!

    • My two cents says the clasroom air quality
      question IS affecting this stock. Worst state in the Union
      for bad press like this. It's been around for awhile
      now and has been argued pro and con on this thread,
      but, no concensus or positive comments from official
      sources. If I could see comments about a plan going
      forward I would feel better about buying more at these
      levels. Am I wrong?

    • Maybe, we will have some idea where the company
      is going with the today's earnings

      You would think if it hits the "whisper" number of
      $.34 and beats the estimate of $.32 that we should
      have an upward pop over the next week.

      understand the reason for this stock to be dumped, but if
      they are meeting projected earnings, this stock can
      not stay at $5.00 based upon next years projected
      earnings of $1.44 or a PE of 3+. What do you think?

    • said that earnings should be out on 10/29, so if
      this is true we will get the (hopefully not bad) news
      tomorrow. Selling at this time of year can be done for many
      reasons besides anticipation of poor earnings,
      particularly in a thinly- traded stock like MODT that has done
      so poorly price-wise. My view is that at this level,
      the news would have to be pretty bad to drive it down
      further, but at $5, if it does go down, option problems
      could send it down steeply.

      Best scenario: The
      general fear that "something must be wrong"("where
      there's smoke...) is keeping buyers out until they
      receive some assurance that the company is okay. Turns
      out that the company IS okay (I have seen no factual
      evidence to suggest otherwise), earnings tomorrow handily
      beat expectations, and the stock soars. Nice fantasy
      anyway--let's hope. :-)


    • If you understand owners only are interested in lining their own pockets, you can make some money on this stock!

    • It's hard to find info on this stock. Thanks in advance. I'm thinking of buying.


    • "While the drop could relate to leaked info
      regarding upcoming earnings (or lack thereof),

      Billjk, this is also wy concern. I also bought a little
      more about a week ago. But there continues to be
      significant selling. Do sellers have information we don't
      have? If earnings release is a negative surprise...

    • to read the Motley Fool message board for MODT
      but it was much slloowweerr than the Yahoo board and
      I gave up after a couple of messages. The ones I
      read were much like here--kind of unbelieving that the
      price could go so low.

      I don't see anything
      wrong with MODT at all--good fundamentals (except for
      debt, which is still far below the S&P average), and a
      market that should continue to grow. Kind of wish the
      Miller merger had gone through--looked to me like a good
      match--but agree with other posters here that the low share
      price probably was a factor in the deal falling

      Bought another 1,000 shares today at 5 1/2, averaging
      down. While the drop could relate to leaked info
      regarding upcoming earnings (or lack thereof), it could
      just as well be only a reflection of the overall
      weakness in small/microcaps, which should be diminishing
      as tax-selling and portfolio dressing slow down over
      the next few weeks. If this is the case, any kind of
      favorable earnings report (or even just a lack of negative
      news) could cause a nice spike up. I don't see how
      value funds can resist buying at this level-- stock
      must have just fallen off radar screens.

      think the longs who tough it out now will be pretty
      glad they did a few weeks/months down the line. Good
      luck on your investments.


    • I think I first heard about this co in "Fortune"
      Wasn't it one of the 100 listed a couple months ago that
      were most likely to succeed in 2000?

      I thought
      ,"What can I lose on 100 shares at 8 1/4?" Well, it's
      just turned out to be the biggest loser in my

      Just for fun read the message board for MODT in
      "Motley Fool"

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