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  • robert.worth robert.worth Feb 12, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    Nutracea Past??

    I am in no way a basher but thinking of jumping in this company if it drops a little. Based on their prior problems with the SEC and Chapter Filings does this company have a chance? Looks like I am looking for traders with alot of past experience in these situations to help me on this one....It appears the more homework and digging I do the more I find...... Thanks...

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    • Thanks for the information on the LA plants. I have a long distance camera and can get some bice picture even off a road. Just skeptical on the leagility end. I will check with the SEC and a local buddy lawyer prior to my trip... Not alot on the internet about people doing it. And if so why not??? Why can't we verify what a company tells us.... This is not a top secret site or anything like that. They should have workers and trucks moving showing some action.... Thanks to all..... This could actually be a great business venture Stock Hawk Alerts.... LOL,,,,,

    • Well of course we think this Company has a chance or we all wouldn't be here. Heck we even bash the company once in awhile because we are so frustrated that it has taken so long and they tell us so little. The need of Nutracea's products to increase the food supply and the many health and the ability to save manufacturers on production costs seems like a no brainer for future success. Many who are here bought at significantly higher prices (multiple dollars) but we wait and are letting our shares ride at this point. Not sure how much lower you think you will get shares at, but of course the lower you get in the better the upside. Buy on any dips for sure.

      If it drops significantly from the 10 to 12 cent range don't even bother as I think that would be a sign of problems. I can't really see that happening. Smarter and more serious investors than you and I are heavily invested here and betting on success.

      This Company is getting traction, recognition, advancing its science and has access to capital. It is better positioned to succeed now than it was when it was in the multiple dollar range. Share price is stalled until we get reassuring news of increased sales,new products, bigger customers, publicity.

      The Company just navigated its way through a very challenging BK turnaround and is reluctant to make past managements mistakes of unbridled enthusiasm and any fraudulent statements about the Company's unlimited prospects. They are being very conservative and keeping positive information very close to their chest. We here generally believe that this stock will move but just not sure when. When it does move it will jump up fast so don't miss your opportunity. You also wouldn't be here if you didn't see some glimmer of this Company becoming a gem. We all just hope it doesn't take as long as it takes for carbon to become a diamond! Invest at your own risk as this is no sure thing but certainly could have a big payoff.

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      • If it drops significantly from the 10 to 12 cent range don't even bother as I think that would be a sign of problems.

        What kind of problems do you see that would make that happen?

        BTW nice write up.

      • Thanks for you very well thought out response... I am now retired and new to this trading stuff. I have alot of free time and try to dig on these companies. I went through 1,000 of the 13,000 PK listed stocks over the last two weeks and this one caught my attention, basically on them coming out of BK and the actual product.

        One thing I did notce about the 1,000 PK's I reviewed alot of new news on changing CEO's, MM, Cinese Stock and alot are in BK. Also alot of promising and speculation. Alot of false hopes and newswires with no information. I know I am on the 101 level course....

        Different on this company though, they have plants around the US, two near me in LA. One of them in actually near a Casino. I am in Texas... I may even take a drive over there to see the wharehouse to get a feel of it.. Is it legal for an investor to check like that? One thing we all should start doing is checking out actual adresses and see if there is movement and actually a building and or farm. I am on Texas and would be happy to check...

        I am most likely going to buy if I see it dip a cent or two or jump LOL..newbie I know .. From the history this baby has been holding out at around .10 which means something... And I like the play on the rice product....

        Thanks again for your response....

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