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  • Which is almost totally alone in the mREIT group when it comes to SP appreciation in the 2 yr period from whence last time arr was $8 (except for a very brief perioid in Jan 11). IVR, HTS, NLY, TWo (talk about wild swings), and do we even need to mention CIM all show a similar dropoff patten not unique to ARR. So unless you only bought AGNC (and yes I have some agnc) and you owned anything in the mreit area, you would have suffered the same fate as here unless you paid close attention and actually worked with your investment, which he (and a lot of other mreit whiners) clearly failed to do. It isn't a government bond and if you treat it as one you deserve to lose money. What part of "mREITS are a risky investment" do yoyos like him not understand???//? If you are an unwary yield whore who does no DD I don't really feel sorry for you.

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