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  • eugene_picklewedge eugene_picklewedge Jan 29, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Average Volume

    So, I am not a believer in technical indicators per say. But as an indicator of possible insider trading/insider information sometimes I feel like volume increases mean there is insider activity/knowledge.

    For example, it is public knowledge that government economist types are meeting to discuss qualitative easing plans. But the content of what they will say "We are halting QE, We are continuing QE but not 40BB per month, 20BB per month, etc.." is not known.

    But insiders are either gambling or they know the news will be beneficial because many mREITs like our beloved ARR is experiencing increased volume.

    Or is it just people out there like me catching word of ARR and possible housing market/economic improvements?

    I have looked at say pharmaceutical companies who experience huge 1 day gains. If you look at volume leading up to the opening day "+10%" the volume steadily increases and then blows up on that one day of news release when the masses get the news.

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    • just my 2 cents worth.... i think the increased volume at ARR is at least somewhat sector rotation. i noticed AGNC and NLY are also above normal volume. NLY is up a full dollar this month.

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      • I would agree with your input, at least some of the volume is sector rotation. But from what source of information causes a person previously happy with energy (for example) to move into mREITs (for example)?

        I mean mREITs are not out of the woods just yet. Plenty of stuff left to happen to fully turn strong. Maybe if I followed other segments I would see why perhaps mREITs are more attractive relative to them.

        I have been looking at precious metals like gold lately. Way down, though I don't have anything I am willing to sell to get into it.

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