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  • viewfinder4 viewfinder4 Feb 15, 2013 8:05 AM Flag

    DB downgrade...

    i see on Fly that DB took ARR off their buy list and downgraded it...
    ha ha ha!!! shows how DB is crooked as can be... so funny!!! why??? becajuse DB is an Underwriter of the secondary... so that means that they did their due dilligence, became part of the syndicate offering the shares to the public at 6.84 or whatever the price was and THEN downgrade with a price target of 6.75!??? that is a hilarious bit of duplicity if you ask me, my guess is the the -- i will delete a few expletives here and just say, the Goofs at DB -- want to generate a panic for their pals who are buyers.

    they are full of it.

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    • You are right. I would have bet that DBwould not be allowed to comment on the stock if they were part of the underwriting synicate. I was wrong. What a bunch of morons though. Their previous price target was 8.30? Really? Yet again, the SEC allows us proof everyday of what a wild west show stocks are. Saw the headline about JPM firing equity traders because volumes are so low. And anyone should be surprised. The fact that the SEC will not do it's job should scare all of away from equities.

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      • Very weird stuff goes on around these secondaries... i think the underwriters and company execs are gaming the action for all its worth but its difficult to untangle their strategies. DB's view seems specially suspect when they recommend the stock as a short term buy right up until the secondary, knowing the secondary will tank it temporarily... so... i can't take them seriously.

    • its even funnier to think about the DB downgrade when you realize that they have obviously known about the secondary for a while and it was announced a couple of days ago... so NOW? on the 15th they take it off their short tern buy list??? that means that right up until abnd PAST the date of the coming announcement, they were still recommending it to the investing public! i wonder if they were telling their own clients to buy or to sell all they could into any buying by the outsiders who are gullible enough to take their recommendations seriously? it really says nothing very good about DB or any of these big stupid, cheating investment banks.

    • blair.wagner Feb 15, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

      With no definitive offering price they are letting the market decide. This could hit 6$ soon,by cutting the dividend
      they introduced additional mistrust. Would be very wary here and perhaps take small positions on dips.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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